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John Olmsted | |


I'm a versatile engineer who has worked most recently on distributed backend systems. I like working on horizontal teams whose tools impact an entire organization. I am a force multiplier who delivers impactful software, builds strong teams, and collaborates effectively with all kinds of people.

Technologies I've built with:

  • Used recently: Go, Scala, Kubernetes/Helm, GCP, Thrift & gRPC, PostgreSQL
  • Used less recently: Typescript/Node, React/Redux, Ruby/Rails, Apache Beam, Kafka, MySQL

Problems I've solved:

  • Built services (both RPC and event driven) that serve tens of millions of requests a day.
  • Led complex projects collaborating across many teams and delivering measurable results.
  • Crafted successful rollout strategies to confidently replace high-value legacy systems.
  • Mentored junior team members to multiply their impact and accelerate their growth.


Senior Software Engineer II, Credit Karma 2019/06 – present
  • Lead engineer on a team building tools that accelerate the path to production across the company.
  • Building a service that allows teams to define platform workflows and execute them automatically.
  • Helped build, optimize, and deploy a distributed system that manages all our service deployments.
    • The system manages thousands of services across +12 Kubernetes clusters.
    • Fronted with a Web UI and CLI that is easy for engineers to use with key safety guardrails.
Senior Software Engineer, Credit Karma, 2017/03 – 2019/05
  • Designed and built a performant system for selecting, rendering, and sending notifications.
  • Crafted a successful, multi-quarter rollout strategy to safely replace our legacy notification system.
    • My new design tripled notification throughput and daily volume, at half the cost.
    • The system reliably drives ~$50k of daily revenue.
Software Engineer, Credit Karma, 2015/04 – 2017/03
  • Lead engineer for a key user-facing API that provides financial advice.
  • Helped lead a complete re-design of our internal member support tools.
    • Cut the time it takes member support specialists to do their jobs in half.
Software Engineer, New Avenue Inc, 2014/04 – 2015/04
  • Developed the core features of a project management platform for home construction.
  • Designed and implemented RESTful APIs and ETL processes for managing client data.
  • Led A/B marketing experiments that tripled our conversion rate.
Student, Dev Bootcamp, 2014/01 – 2014/03
  • Successfully made the shift from academia to a career in software development.
  • Learned more and faster in three months than I ever have before.


  • M.A. history, UC Berkeley 2013
  • M.A. medieval studies, University of Toronto 2011
  • B.A. history, summa cum laude, Carleton College 2009