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X(Q)uery and XSL(T) Specifications (qtspecs)

This is a forked source for the XSLT and XQuery Specifications created for the development of draft 4.0 proposals. This source builds the HTML specs and errata. It is maintained by the W3C XSLT-4.0 Community Group established by Michael Kay.

View the latest HTML version of the draft specs via the links below:

Draft 4.0 Spec Diff against 3.0 Specs
XSLT Transformations (XSLT) Version 4.0 (Diffs)
XPath and XQuery Functions and Operators 4.0 (Diffs)
XML Path Language (XPath) 4.0 (Diffs)
XQuery 4.0: An XML Query Language (Diffs)

Participate in Spec Development

There are numerous paths to participating in qtspec development.

  • Join the XSLT Extensions Community Group--the official W3C Community Group established to develop 4.0 specs. On the group's page you can find mailing list archives and instructions for subscribing to the list. The team is now actively meeting weekly via Zoom. Join the Community Group for more information.
  • Open or comment on an issue for the specs. This is the primary method for requesting modifications to the specs. Additions to the spec should be well described in order to aid adoption and implementation. Editorial changes are also accepted via issues.
  • Fork the repo, make changes, and make a pull request. Note the contribution guidelines.
  • Join the Slack. qtspecs discussion is centered in the #xpath-ng channel.