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Welcome to the QTerm Home Page

QTerm is a BBS client in Linux, written in Qt, Here you can find all kinds of information about QTerm. And if you are a new user, we suggest you start from our getting started page. You may also want to visit our project page on SourceForge.


QTerm 0.7.0 released!

Finally a new version of QTerm is released. This is the long overdue, and a lot of things have happened since 0.5.12. In addition to Qt4, This is the first QTerm release to support the latest Qt 5. We also extended our ssh code to support more the encryption and authentication methods, noticibly it is now possible to ssh to newsmth with RSA public key. The UI elements have been tuned to look more pleasing in HiDPI monitors. Finally as usual a lot of bugs were fixed in 0.7.0. We hope everyone will enjoy the new release.

QTerm 0.5.12 released!

We finally have some time to put out a new release for the new year, 0.5.12 has some new and interesting features. The most important change is the two new panel to your ANSI editing easier. The new xml addressbook format is finally landed, the old addressbook formate should be able to upgrade seamlessly, but it is in case something went wrong, you can always find your addressbook file in the $HOME/.qterm directory. We also continue to improved the rendering result, thanks to the patches from gonwan. For the eyecandy lovers, you can enjoy the tranlucent background in QTerm now, the background will be blurred if you have KDE and the blur effect is enable. There are also some bugfixes as usual, enjoy 0.5.12.

QTerm 0.5.11 released!

Another new release after 5 months of development (or not ;). There are two main features in this release: 1) Unicode-at-on ( is finally supported by QTerm, that means you can now view all the Japanese charactors in Big5 sites like 2) The image viewer is revived by Kingson. Beside these semi big changes, there are quite some bug fixes and small enhancement in this new release.

QTerm 0.5.10 released!

The first release of QTerm in the new year has arrived. The QtScript support in QTerm is further enhanced, you need qtscriptbinding installed to use most of the new functions. There are also some small enhancement and bug fixes here and there in the code. Enjoy the new release.

QTerm 0.5.9 released!

A new release in the holiday season, there are some new features like the shining close dialog, but the code is start to settle down, and I have been focusing on stability and bug fix in this release, give it some extensive tests and report bugs and feature request to our tracker.


  • 11/24/16---QTerm 0.7.0 released.
  • 03/05/11---QTerm 0.5.12 released.
  • 06/12/10---QTerm 0.5.11 released.
  • 01/16/10---QTerm 0.5.10 released.
  • 12/25/09---QTerm 0.5.9 released.
  • 12/13/09---QTerm 0.5.8 released.
  • 06/30/09---QTerm 0.5.7 released.
  • 06/07/09---QTerm 0.5.6 released.
  • 05/01/09---QTerm 0.5.5 released.
  • 02/24/09---QTerm 0.5.4 released.
  • 11/28/08---QTerm 0.5.3 released.
  • 05/12/08---QTerm 0.5.2 released.
  • 03/04/08---QTerm 0.5.1 released.
  • 02/10/08---QTerm 0.5.0 released.
  • 01/17/08---QTerm 0.4.1 released.