🍪 A small, flexible, scriptable tiling window manager written in Python
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Latest commit 0595451 Jul 18, 2016 @andering andering committed on GitHub Added watts to be used with format option
I personally use as main power management attribute watts (consumption),
because that only really tells me how efficient system is in a moment.

Edit which doesn't cost nothing, so keep it or leave it :)



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A full-featured, pure-Python tiling window manager

License:MIT License


  • Simple, small and extensible. It's easy to write your own layouts, widgets and commands.
  • Configured in Python.
  • Command shell that allows all aspects of Qtile to be managed and inspected.
  • Complete remote scriptability - write scripts to set up workspaces, manipulate windows, update status bar widgets and more.
  • Qtile's remote scriptability makes it one of the most thoroughly unit-tested window managers around.

Current Release

The current stable version of qtile is 0.10.6, released 2016-05-24. See the documentation for installation instructions.


Qtile is supported by a dedicated group of users. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to fire off an email to our mailing list or join us on IRC.

Mailing List:http://groups.google.com/group/qtile-dev


Please report any suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, or annoyances to the Github issue tracker. There are also a few tips & tricks, and guidelines for contributing in the documentation.