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This is a repository for examples of how to use qtile by users. Below is a list of user configurations and their descriptions.

Documentation for the default configuration is available here and the code is available in the main qtile repo under libqtile/resources/default_config.py.


Config Description
cjbarnes java support and application specific floating rules
dwakar themed widgets
roger dynamic groups, rule matching for windows
rxcomm Google Calendar widget
tych0 qtile development, multiple screens
zordsdavini various dmenu apps, screenshots, multiscreen, gmailwidget
aeronotix.py dynamic groups
arkchar.py basic configuration
bglasber.py python functions in config
cortesi.py kinesis keyboard keybindings
ei-grad.py custom widgets
ramnes.py debug layouts
tailhook.py unicode-based window sorting
tin.py custom window shortcuts
emdete simple, beautiful, useful: lots of keyboard shortcuts
sweenu broken up in several files, custom screenshots, backlight
a13xmt rooms and workspaces
mort65 rule matching, dynamic shortcuts, dropdown terminal


To contribute please fork the repo on github and make a pull request. Please also include in this README a short description of your config.