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qtile 0.6, released 2013-05-11:
!!! Config breakage !!!
This release breaks your config file in several ways:
- The Textbox widget no longer takes a ``name'' positional parameter,
since it was redundant; you can use the ``name'' kwarg to define it.
- manager.Group (now _Group) is not used to configure groups any more;
config.Group replaces it. For simple configurations (i.e.
Group("a") type configs), this should be a drop in replacement.
config.Group also provides many more options for showing and hiding
groups, assigning windows to groups by default, etc.
- The Key, Screen, Drag, and Click objects have moved from the manager
module to the config module.
- The Match object has moved from the dgroups module to the config
- The addgroup hook now takes two parameters: the qtile object and the
name of the group added:
def addgroup_hook(qtile, name):
- The nextgroup and prevgroup commands are now on Screen instead of
For most people, you should be able to just:
sed -i -e 's/libqtile.manager/libqtile.config'
...dgroups users will need to go to a bit more work, but hopefully
configuration will be much simpler now for new users.
* features
- New widgets: task list,
- New layout: Matrix
- Added ability to drag and drop groups on GroupBox
- added "next urgent window" command
- added font shadowing on widgets
- maildir widget supports multiple folders
- new config option log_level to set logging level (any of
- add option to battery widget to hide while level is above a certain
- vastly simplify configuration of dynamic groups
- MPD widget now supports lots of metadata options
* bugfixes
- don't crash on restart when the config has errors
- save layout and selected group state on restart
- varous EWMH properties implemented correctly
- fix non-black systray icon backgrounds
- drastically reduce the number of timeout_add calls in most widgets
- restart on RandR attach events to allow for new screens
- log level defaults to ERROR
- default config options are no longer initialized when users define
their corresponding option (preventing duplicate widgets, etc.)
- don't try to load config in qsh (not used)
- fix font alignment across Textbox based widgets
qtile 0.5, released 2012-11-11:
(Note, this is not complete! Many, many changes have gone in to 0.5, by a
large number of contributors. Thanks to everyone who reported a bug or
fixed one!)
* features
- Test framework is now nose
- Documentation is now in sphinx
- Several install guides for various OSes
- New widgets: battery based icon, MPRIS1, canto, current layout, yahoo
weather, sensors, screen brightness, notifiy, pacman, windowtabs,
she, crashme, wifi.
- Several improvements to old widgets (e.g. battery widget displays low
battery in red, GroupBox now has a better indication of which screen
has focus in multi-screen setups, improvements to Prompt, etc.)
- Desktop notification service.
- More sane way to handle configuration files
- Promote dgroups to a first class entity in libqtile
- Allow layouts to be named on an instance level, so you can:
layouts = [
# a layout just for gimp
layout.Slice('left', 192, name='gimp', role='gimp-toolbox',
fallback=layout.Slice('right', 256, role='gimp-dock',
fallback=layout.Stack(stacks=1, **border_args)))
dynamic_groups = { 'gimp': {'layout': 'gimp'} }
Dgroups(..., dynamic_groups, ...)
- New Layout: Zoomy
- Add a session manager to re-exec qtile if things go south
- Support for WM_TAKE_FOCUS protocol
- Basic .desktop file for support in login managers
- Qsh reconnects after qtile is restarted from within it
- Textbox supports pango markup
- Examples moved to qtile-examples repository.
* bugfixes
- Fix several classes of X races in a more sane way
- Minor typo fixes to most widgets
- Fix several crashes when drawing systray icons too early
- Create directories for qtile socket as necessary
- PEP8 formatting updates (though we're not totally there yet)
- All unit tests pass
- Lots of bugfixes to MonadTall
- Create IPC socket directory if necessary
- Better error if two widgets have STRETCH width
- Autofloat window classes can now be overridden
- xkeysyms updated
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