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@@ -22,10 +22,25 @@ libxcb
+Either ``xpyb-ng`` or ``xpyb`` versions >= 1.3.1 should work. The ``xpyb``
+build itself has historically had some package config issues, so we provide
+xpyb-ng for people who want to use setuptools. (The implementations are also
+slightly different, but users have reported that qtile is stable on either
+fork.) For users with a system version of ``xcb-proto`` < 1.7, xpyb will not
+build correctly (you get an ``AttributeError: 'ListType' object has no
+attribute 'parent'``). However, xpyb-ng provides a branch called
+``pre-1.7-xproto`` which has a hack to fix this issue.
.. code-block:: bash
git clone git://
- cd xpyb
+ cd xpyb && ./
+ ./configure
+ make install
+.. clode-block:: bash
+ git clone
+ cd xpyb-ng
python install

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