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+Developing Qtile
Using Xephyr and the test suite
@@ -11,23 +14,17 @@
The Qtile repo includes a tiny helper script to let you quickly pull up a
nested instance instance of Qtile in Xephyr, using your current configuration.
-Run it from the top-level of the repository, like this:
+Run it from the top-level of the repository, like this::
- ./test/scripts/xephyr
+ ./test/scripts/xephyr
-In practice, the development cyclce looks something like this:
+In practice, the development cycle looks something like this:
- <li> make minor code change
- <li> run appropriate test: <strong>pry ./test_module.uMySuite</strong>
- <li> GOTO 1, until hackage is complete
- <li> run entire test suite: <strong>pry</strong>
- <li> commit
+#. Make minor code change
+#. Run appropriate tests using ``nosetests``
+#. GOTO 1, until hackage is complete
+#. Run entire test suite
+#. Commit
@@ -36,7 +33,11 @@
Here are a number of resources that may come in handy:
-- <a href="">Inter-Client Conventions Manual</a>
-- <a href="">Extended Window Manager Hints</a>
-- <a href="">A reasonable basic Xlib Manual</a>
+* `Inter-Client Conventions Manual`_
+* `Extended Window Manager Hints`_
+* A reasonable basic `Xlib Manual`_
+.. _Inter-Client Conventions Manual:
+.. _Extended Window Manager Hints:
+.. _Xlib Manual:
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