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* **The basics**:
:doc:`Overview </manual/config/index>` |
+ :doc:`Starting Qtile </manual/config/starting>` |
:doc:`Hooks </manual/config/hooks>`
* **Config variables**:
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+Starting Qtile
+There are several ways to start Qtile. The most common way is via an entry in
+your X session manager's menu. The default Qtile behavior can be invoked by
+creating a `qtile.desktop
+<>`_ file in
+A second way to start Qtile is a custom X session. This way allows you to
+invoke Qtile with custom arguments, and also allows you to do any setup you
+want (e.g. special keyboard bindings like mapping caps lock to control, setting
+your desktop background, etc.) before Qtile starts. If you're using an X
+session manager, you still may need to create a ``custom.desktop`` file similar
+to the ``qtile.desktop`` file above, but with ``Exec=/etc/X11/xsession``. Then,
+create your own ``~/.xsession``. There are several examples of user defined
+``xsession`` s in the `qtile-examples
+<>`_ repository.

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