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Graphical Display Bug with RatioTile #114

AeroNotix opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Aaron France matt harrison Tycho Andersen
Aaron France

That's two windows open, both urxvt, the only apps I've seen this happen with (though I rarely use anything else with RatioTile) I've had this since day 1 with Qtile. I can reproduce the bug on demand is very simple to do.

Steps to reproduce, enable RatioTile (instantiated like layout.Tile(ratio=0.25) then open 2-3 urxvt windows (could be other apps, but this always happens with urxvt) then cycle your layouts quickly and eventually it'll bug.

It's always in the same place (lower left).

Not found anything in the logs or anything about this.

matt harrison

(ratiotile author here.)

Not sure I understand completely what is going on. A gap on the bottom left? Are you cycling between layouts, or cycling windows in the layout?

There is probably a race condition somewhere with adding/removing windows from the group. I seem to see similar borkage when dragging a floating window across screens quickly...

Aaron France

I was hoping you were going to comment.

In the picture the bottom left is the upper half of what's on the right-hand-side of the screen, it's not supposed to be like that.Yes, it happens when cycling layouts from something else to RatioTile.

Aaron France

Updating this to say that it's not a RatioTile bug as it happens also with MonadTall.

Aaron France

Since this I opened this issue. I have had to change installs and I no longer have this issue. Maybe it was fixed in the tree, maybe it was a PEBKAC issue, maybe GPU. Alls I know is it's fixed.

Aaron France AeroNotix closed this
Tycho Andersen

Cool, thanks for the update!

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