A example DApp for ERC20 MintableToken
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QtumBook Companion Guide

The DApp Dev Server

Let's get the DApp running. First, install npm dependencies:

# https://yarnpkg.com/en/
yarn install

Start Neutrino dev server on port 3000:

PORT=3000 yarn start

Open http://localhost:3000, and edit src/index.tsx for live-reload.

See: YouTube Demo Video

For styling, edit src/index.css.

Edit the html options to customize the HTML template. See html-webpack-template.

Other Tips

Generating sourcemap may slow down project rebuilding. Webpack provide other sourcemap types that can speed up project building.

In particular, the eval sourcemap is quite faster.

SOURCEMAP=eval PORT=3000 yarn start

See devtool for a list of sourcemap types.