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A simple, bare-bones epub reader
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Booky McBookface

An extremely unfancy, slightly broken, bare-bones epub reader. Also reads txt and html ebooks.

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play


  • Completely Open Source: no ads, tracking, or malicious permissions.
  • Loads epub, txt, and HTML books.
  • Load all books in a directory.
  • List of books.
  • Sort book list by title, author, or date added.
  • Remembers last position in book.
  • Page brightness per book.
  • Font size per book.

Reading controls:

  • Page forward by using the ">>" button, or by swiping up or to the left.
  • Page back by using the "<<" button, or by swiping down or to the right.
  • Sub-page scroll by dragging up or down.
  • Long press on text to open standard android text selection controls.
  • "Contents" button shows the Table Of Contents, if available.
  • The magnifying glass icon opens the font-size menu.
  • The lightbulb icon opens the page brightness menu.
  • Use Android back button to return to the book list from reader.


I've tested with many epubs from Project Gutenberg. If you notice problems with books from any source, file an issue.

You can use Calibre to convert other formats like mobi and PDF to epub.

I am not opposed to someone adding support for other formats like mobi, but I don't want to add third-party jars etc, and everything needs to be GPLv3 compatible.

Known issues:

  • Lag in paging up and down.
  • Not actually using "book pages" (just scrolls a big page up and down).
  • No bookmarks.
  • No "goto page" functionality.
  • Changing the font can lose your spot.
  • Paging backward sometimes causes a weird downward scrolling, which makes you think you've lost your spot but you really haven't.
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