APC power switch automation (NOTE: project moved to https://github.com/scls19fr/APC)
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APC Network Power Management Controller

Payton Quackenbush

NOTE: as of 2017, this project has been replaced by Sebastien Celles' APC.

Please see the NEW version of the Python APC project here:

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Controls rebooting of APC network PDU switches with 'telnet' network interface. Tested with the AP7900, but likely works with other models.

This handles locking of the device so that parallel calls will block, since APC has a single telnet session.


  • Python 2.x or Python 3.x
  • Python Expect (pexpect) library. To install: 'pip install pexpect'
  • APC with telnet network interface (tested on AP7900)


No source installation required. Just download and run.

The APC needs to be set up with telnet enabled, and using a fixed IP address. If a DHCP address is used, it may change, and you will have trouble connecting.


Power cycle (reboot) a single port

$ ./apc.py --reboot PORT

Example: reboot power port 1

$ ./apc.py --reboot 1

Display help

$ ./apc.py --help

usage: apc.py [-h] [--host HOST] [-v] [--quiet] [--user USER]
              [--password PASSWORD] [--debug] [--reboot REBOOT] [--off OFF]
              [--on ON]

APC Python CLI

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --host HOST          Override the host
  --user USER          Override the username
  --password PASSWORD  Override the password
  -v, --verbose        Verbose messages
  --quiet              Quiet
  --debug              Debug mode
  --reboot REBOOT      Reboot an outlet
  --off OFF            Turn off an outlet
  --on ON              Turn on an outlet

Environment Variables

The following environment variables will override the APC connection:


Example session

$ ./apc.py --reboot 8
Acquiring lock /tmp/apc.lock
Connecting to APC @
Logged in as user apc, version 3.7.3
APC Outlet #8 Rebooted