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+Bundlemate is a weirdly name weird piece of software.
+What it does is take `bundle.yaml` source file as input and produce a bunch of
+files and folders that make up a textmate bundle as output.
+If it doesn't make sense to you why someone might want to do that then that's
+good news! You can close this browser window now and continue with your life.
+Thanks for stopping by.
+Bundlemate's own `bundle.yaml` requires bundlemate to be installed before it
+can built. From TextMate, install the bundle, open the `bundle.yaml` file and
+hit command+shift+b and it will be rebuilt.
+It can also be built from outside of TextMate. Just run `make` from the
+command line.
+The bundle compiler is written in ruby, the source code is in the `Support`
+folder of this project. It runs fine on the default OSX install of ruby and
+has no external dependencies.

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