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Quackle 1.0.3

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@jfultz jfultz released this 05 Aug 13:39
· 117 commits to master since this release

In case you're wondering, I had a 1.0.2 prerelease, but it had a pretty serious bug in it. So I'm just taking it down, and publishing 1.0.3, which has more stuff anyway. The bullet points below aggregate things that were in 1.0.2 and 1.0.3.

  • Add hash to recognize new OCTWL 2016.
  • Updates to Polish dictionary. Thanks @alkamid!
  • Add Turkish lexicon derived from the word list of the open source Zemberek project. Thanks @gokceneraslan!
  • Quackle now works with Windows XP again. #28
  • Fix various encoding issues, and support #character-encoding in gcg files
  • Support Shift+Enter to immediately commit something from the entry input field
  • Fix several problems, including a crash and gcg corruption, which could happen when recording a blind exchange of n tiles, i.e., ex n in the input field. Did this by differentiating a "blind exchange" vs. a regular exchange in the engine.
  • Add filename to the window's title bar
  • When you load a gcg and change a play, it can throw up a dialog box saying that the rack doesn't match your play. Now that dialog allows you to convert the player to a player with unknown racks.
  • Fix tricky problem when entering games using unknown racks that could throw off the tile counts at the end of the game and cause Quackle to trigger a premature game ending. Now it carefully counts all tiles played from the beginning of the game and ensures that each player has the right number of tiles on their racks going into the endgame, regardless of how the "unknown rack" code might have configured the racks. It will even move tiles between players if necessary to prevent a game from ending on the wrong turn.
  • Fix loading of gcgs which have various endgame errors. E.g., if players draw out of order, a game might go more rounds than it should have. Previously, Quackle threw away those extra rounds. Now it preserves them. It also can handle games that end too early because the players played with less than the full tile complement (e.g., a tile left in the bag). You can't enter these positions, yet, but if the position is in the gcg, Quackle won't corrupt it.
  • Add a preferences dialog checkbox to automatically score all unchallenged phoney plays as zero points. This allows score entry for Guinness world record games, which uses this scoring policy.
  • Add SWIG bindings. Thanks @gokceneraslan!