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@jfultz jfultz released this Jul 23, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

Thanks to all contributors of 1.0.4!

Note...this release was updated August 6, 2019. If you downloaded an earlier version, please download again, as this contains critical bug fixes. New versions identify themselves as in the About Box.


  • Add the following dictionaries:
    • NASPA Word List (NWL) 2019
    • NASPA School Word List (NSWL) 2019
    • Collins SCRABBLE(tm) Wordlist (CSW) 2019
    • OSPS has been updated to v40; thanks @alkamid!
  • Windows build is 64-bit now (if anybody needs a 32-bit version and can't build if themselves, file an issue requesting it).
  • macOS build app is notarized by Apple and runs in their "hardened runtime", which should make it more compatible with upcoming Catalina release.
  • Added ability to add a logo graphic to the copyrights.txt file. For an example of the logo graphic, see the NASPA logo when you select the NWL or NSWL dictionaries.
  • Made the simulation engine multi-threaded (at present, this defaults to two threads, in addition to the GUI thread). The load balancing is chunky right now, so it's not quite a two times speedup, but it's definitely a lot faster.
  • Strengthen the random number generator used for drawing tiles. #75
  • Upgrade to interface toolkit from Qt4 to Qt5.
  • Add support for UTF-8 GCG files, which fixes GCG issues with player names and some language tile sets. Thanks @alkamid!
  • Support fallback paths for strategy files. Eliminate all duplicate strategy files stored for different lexica, some of which were quite large.

Bug fixes

  • #21 - Committing a phony can't be canceled, even though dialog claims it can.
  • #50 - Non-English languages assigned bogus win %ages on the opening play.
  • (unreported) - Didn't respect the screen scale settings on Windows/Linux.
  • (unreported) - Hang when all players have the same player name.
  • (unreported) - Layout elements in the history/play screen bounced horizontally due to the label next to the rack having the current player's name (which seems unnecessary).
  • (unreported) - License amended to clarify that dictionaries are under a separate license from the software.
  • (unreported) - potential crash when quitting while the Championship Player is thinking.

Code improvements

  • Code now is standardized to C++14, and some related refactorings to simplify the code with new C++ features have taken place.
  • Ruby bindings added. Thanks @martindemello!
  • Separate Python2 and Python3 bindings. Thanks @martindemello!
  • Appveyor builds added.
  • macOS builds added to Travis-CI.
  • Add an initial .clang-format file (expect the sources to be fully clang-formatted after this release).
  • cmake build system added (expect updated documentation and dropping of qmake support after this release).
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