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Install this gem to get your project a beta-invite implementation.


'gem install beta_invite'

Rails version : >= 3.1.0

Dependencies : Kaminari and Delayed Jobs


The gem provides features such as : -

  1. Provide a landing page with deafult layout for Beta Invites request.

  2. A list of beta_invites requested to be viewed by the administrator on “/beta_invites” route.

  3. Send a personal message to any email address mentioned in the table for Beta Invites.

  4. Redirect to a valid specified path once the user registers for beta invite.

  5. Get a notification email to the admin when the user registers for beta invite.

  6. Configure the from and to email addresses of the admin along with company name and much more.

  7. Change the look and feel of the beta invite layout by generating the views.

  8. Background jobs using Delayed Jobs.


Once you run 'bundle install' you will have two generators for 'beta_invite' namely,

  1. Install


Install generator

After installing the gem run this command mentioned below.

rails generate beta_invite:install

This command would generate a few files in your app. These files are :

  1. beta_invite.rb in config/initializers

  2. beta_invite.yml in config/

  3. beta_invite.en.yml in config/locales

  4. create_beta_invites.rb in db/migrate

  5. create_delayed_jobs.rb in db/migrate

This will create a new initializer in your app's initializer folder named 'beta_invite.rb' which will load the YAML file which also gets created in your app's config folder named 'beta_invite.yml'

Once you run this command, make sure to migrate your tables. There will be two tables beta_invites and delayed_jobs created in your database.

Do not forget to remove 'public/index.html' in your app. The Beta invites page is the landing page.

Now, run your rails server and also run the rake job for delayed job and you are Gold!

rake jobs:work

Views generator

This generator will generate all the views related to beta_invite gem into your app. You can then modify the look and feel as per your wish.

The email templates and views related to kaminari (for pagination) are also generated from this command.

Run this command by : -

rails generate beta_invite:views


The YAML file in your app, beta_invite.yml , is where the configurations would take place. It might look something like this : -

# configure the from email and to email as per your needs.
# the app_name would be the title and also the heading of the landing page.
# the username and password here is for http auth configurable by needs to view beta_invtes page.

development: &defaults
  from_email: "mailer@quadnode.com"
  to_email: "test@quadnode.com"
  notification_mail_to_user: true
  app_name: "YourAppName"
  company_address: "http://www.quadnode.com"
  username: "admin"
  password: "admin"

  <<: *defaults

  <<: *defaults

The 'from_email' is the email address you would configure to send out email as part of your application.

The 'to_email' is the email address of the administrator who would receive emails when a user registers for beta invite.

The 'notification_mail_to_user' value can be set to 'false' if you do not wish to send out a sort of Thank You email to the user once he/she has registered for beta_invite. By default, it has been set to 'True'.

The landing page would consist of the name of your app. Name your app in 'app_name'.

The layout includes a hyperlink to the company's website. Set up your URL in 'company_address'

The 'username' and 'password' is for the basic HTTP authentication to visit “/beta_invites” route wherein you can view all the Beta Invites in Tabular format. Set up your own user name and password here.


If you wish to redirect the user to some URl after the user has requested for Beta Invite, you can do so by over-writing a method in your application controller like this : -

def after_beta_invite_request_path

Now, whenever a user registers for Beta Invite, you can redirect him/her to 'some_valid_path'. Don't worry about the flash messages, you can print it out on your redirected URL.


Yes, everything is in the locales even your flash messages. You can change the messages as per your wish.

Its pretty straight forward we believe. The title, title_text and the rest on top are used in the landing page and “/beta_invites” page.

The 'messages' in the locales consist of flash messages.

Pretty much everything related to mail is under 'mails'. The 'mail_to_user' is when a thank you email is sent to user as soon he/she registers for Beta Invite. 'personal_mail_subject' is the subject when you send an email to any of the emails in '/beta_invites' page.