@nilsreiter nilsreiter released this May 25, 2018

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  • Calling setup() is no longer necessary, if the default paths are ok #78
  • A new function filterMentioned() to remove mentions of characters that are not present #90
  • A new option to limitFigures() to merge removed speech into a new character Others #90
  • The function figureStatistics() can now be applied on segments of the play #85
  • Report updates:
    • Personnel exchange in report is now expressed as a bar chart #93
    • Preparations for supporting multiple report types
    • Report is now more robust against weird plays #82
    • Report works better for plays with a large number of characters #84
    • Parameters that can be used for generating a report are now document on the bottom each report.


devtools::install_github("quadrama/DramaAnalysis", ref="v2.1.0")