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@nilsreiter nilsreiter released this Jul 18, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release


This is a redesign and complete overhaul of the R package. Existing code that uses functions of the package cannot be expected to continue to run without modifications. The major changes (compared to 2.x) are:

  • Classes: Most functions now produce a classed object.
    This makes it easier to prevent an erroneous use of functions.
  • Ids and names: All functions now rely only on character ids. If one needs character
    names for plotting and visualisation, they can be inserted later using characterNames(),
    with a controlled formatting.
  • Data files now include stage directions and character mentions, and functions can process them
  • Extensive documentation in the form of a tutorial:
  • The wording in documentation and functions has been updated, so that figures are now called characters.
  • Some functions have been renamed:
    • setup() is now called setDirectories() to avoid name conflicts
    • figureStatistics() is now called characterStatistics()
  • Some functions have been removed:
    • rankFiguresByAppearance()
    • rankFiguresByDramatisPersonae()
    • regroup()
    • dictionaryStatisticsL()
    • limitFigures()
    • filterMentioned()
    • dramaHead()
    • dramaTail()
    • enrichDictionary()


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