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Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. lock timezone for specs

  2. fixes for latest rspec

Commits on Jul 16, 2011
Commits on Jun 22, 2011
Commits on Sep 15, 2010
Commits on Sep 14, 2010
Commits on Aug 25, 2010
Commits on Aug 22, 2010
  1. @dazl @binarylogic
Commits on Aug 21, 2010
  1. @binarylogic
  2. @binarylogic

    Version bump to 1.2.1

    binarylogic committed
  3. @binarylogic

    fix signature option

    binarylogic committed
  4. @binarylogic
  5. @binarylogic

    Version bump to 1.2.0

    binarylogic committed
  6. @binarylogic

    update gitignore

    binarylogic committed
  7. @binarylogic

    file cleanup

    binarylogic committed
  8. @binarylogic

    clean up error class code

    binarylogic committed
  9. @binarylogic

    fix conflicts

    binarylogic committed
  10. @binarylogic
  11. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Simplified the UPS label recovery service to be more consistent with …

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    …how labels are returned from the ShipAccept service.
  12. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Added the UPS ShipConfirm service so that now UPS shipments can be cr…

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    …eated in the traditional 2-phase process or by blindly accepting the initial validation through Shippinglogic::UPS#ship.
  13. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Updated the UPS ShipConfirm service to take more information from the…

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    … response than just the shipment digest value.
  14. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Added a skeleton ShipConfirm service.

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    This service is the first phase of a two-phase shipment creation process. The ShipConfirm stage consists of building the shipment/packages and sending it to UPS for validation purposes. If all is well, a super-long digest string is returned, which is the parsed response of this service. The second phase involves passing the digest value back to UPS in order to actually create the shipment in the system.
  15. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Made the UPS API class initialization require an account number argum…

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    …ent, which is needed for creation of shipper-paid shipments/packages.
  16. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Added the UPS label recovery service.

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    Only, I need to find a tracking number to test with.
  17. @laserlemon @binarylogic
  18. @laserlemon @binarylogic
  19. @laserlemon @binarylogic
  20. @laserlemon @binarylogic
  21. @laserlemon @binarylogic
  22. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Structured the UPS spec directory in preparation for the new UPS spec…

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    …_helper and UPS-specific responses.
  23. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Restructured the spec directory in order to split up the spec_helper …

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    …into provider-specific helpers, as well as some general cleanup of configuration and response files.
  24. @laserlemon @binarylogic
  25. @laserlemon @binarylogic

    Built out the UPS rating service.

    laserlemon committed with binarylogic
    Unfortunately, UPS doesn't provide information about saturday availability in its responses and doesn't offer up estimated delivery dates.
  26. @laserlemon @binarylogic
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