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Welcome to the Quake2Lithium / quake2lithium.github.io wiki!

Lithium is a server-side modification for Quake 2 created by Matt "WhiteFang" Ayres and released as open source in January 2010. Quake 2 Lithium is easily one of the fastest first person shooters ever released with unique gameplay including an off-hand grappling hook and runes (power-ups). Lithium II is well known for it's red-laser style off-hand grappling hook and runes. Have a closer look at the feature list here.

Source Repository: https://github.com/mattayres/li2mod

Downloads: https://github.com/quake2lithium/quake2lithium.github.io/tree/master/downloads

Alternative Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xClEJka70KumTmzC_ZDuQbVL1qEPyxMF


v1.31 - Sep 2010

  • added, source repository to github
  • fixed, MOTD buffer overflow (from ralf)
  • added, use strlcpy/strlcat to protect against buffer overflows (from ralf)
  • thanks, ralf for all of the improvements, cleanup and updates for VC 2010
  • fixed, runes should be dropped for reuse if player goes into observer mode
  • added, don't repeat the same map if it was just voted on
  • added, time left to top of CTF scoreboard
  • fixed, rune spawning was broken if resist rune was disabled
  • fixed, safety couldn't be disabled by setting use_safety to 0
  • fixed, consistency of regen rune timing
  • fixed, chasecam mode didn't work if CTF was enabled
  • fixed, CTF flag was dropped from observers at level start
  • added, CTF flag return sound when it's returned for timeout
  • fixed, force CTF team menu after going into observer, chasecam or next map
  • added, muzzle logic to say_team command
  • disabled, lmaster support for now (and removed from docs)
  • thanks, again to d3s for facilitating this release!
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