Demo Guide

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Demos are .dm2 files recorded in-game from the point of view of the player that allow for future playback. They’re an excellent resource for learning.

How to play demos (.dm2 files):

  • Demos (.dm2 files) should be placed directly in the baseq2/demos folder. Create this folder if it doesn’t exist.
  • In console, type set cl_predict 0. This is required to view demos.
  • In console, type demomap to view demo. For example, demomap demo1.dm2 in console.
  • (Optional) Install Demoplay, to avoid having to open q2 and type “demomap demo1.dm2″ etc. Once you install it, you need only double-click on demos. Demoplay supports r1q2. Have a look at dm2-cfg.txt in the Demoplay installation folder, it has few useful features. If you choose to use Demoplay, you will need to add set cl_predict 0 to your config.cfg or autoexec.cfg. Tip: You can start a demo directly from the command line. For example, c:\quake2\r1q2.exe +set cl_predict 0 +demomap demo.dm2

How to record demos (.dm2 files):

  1. In R1Q2, simply add set cl_autorecord 1 to your config or type into console, to autorecord every map.

Demos for viewing:

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