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Paradigm inversion - write web applications in SQL instead of JavaScript.

If like me, you find the way web app development is done today as tedious, and wasteful, then join me in creating a true "application programming language" (or DSL of you prefer), as opposed to using a general purpose language (JavaScript) for writing applications.

In 1991 Oracle added a few extensions to SQL to create Procedural SQL, so now I have added a few more extensions to SQL, to create QUery Application Language Extensions (QUALE) - it is that simple.

Recent change log: Added My-SQL and MS-SQL drivers. Updated Node version- caused a lot of breakage.


NPM shows thousands of weekly downloads, but I have not yet had feedback from the community, so please if you have any questions, comments or even just want to say hi, please drop me a email for a personal response via

*Alpha version 0.0 Notice: When evaluating SQL-MVC keep in mind this project is still version 0.0.x- alpha/preview release. A lot of stuff is not 100% polished or even to spec, try and pick up the key points we are trying to demonstrate not shortcomings or bugs (although all feedback is welcome). *


Live Demo at This is a complete implementation of functionality in 40 lines of code.

CREATE TABLE TODO_MVC				--:{as:"Table"} 
  REF VARCHAR(40),					--:{as:"pk"}
  NAME VARCHAR(100),				--:{as:"Text",size:40,title:"todo",onupdate:""}  
  OWNER VARCHAR(40),				--:{Type:"Hide"}
  STATUS VARCHAR(10) default ''    	--:{Type:"Pick",List:"Ticked",onupdate:""}  

button(title:"Clear Completed",if:"(select count(ref) from todo_mvc where and status='1')!=0" )
sql update todo_mvc set status='3' where and (status='1');#>

ifquery ((select count(ref) from todo_mvc where and (status='' or status is null))!=1)
print () ($select count(*) from todo_mvc where and (status='' or status is null) $) items left
print () ($select count(*) from todo_mvc where and (status='' or status is null) $) item left

	Select  --:{Title:"Make new records",from:TODO_MVC,autoinsert:top,tablestyle:Todo}
	STATUS, --:{Action:Edit,debug:0,autosave:yes}
	NAME,   --:{Action:Edit,placeholder:"What needs to be done (tab to save)",autosave:yes}
	REF	    --:{Action:View,Type:Hide}
	where ( and ( (here.todo_type='' and (status!='3' or status is null)) 
	or( (status='' or status is null) and here.todo_type='1')or(status='1' and here.todo_type='2')))


button(title:"View all") set here.todo_type='';

button(title:"Active")   set here.todo_type='1';

button(title:"Completed") set here.todo_type='2';


SQL-MVC Getting_Started,

  • Install instructions for Linux VPS from scratch -

The following may be broken as of June 2018 due to node changes.

Tutorials at :

Programmers Manual at :

Github - wiki

Developer Resources

Supported SQL engines

  • Firebird Version 2.5
  • MYSQL Version 5.7
  • Soon - Postgres
  • Soon - Oracle
  • Soon - NuoDB

How does SQL-MVC work?

  • The compiler takes your application code which is little more than a few SQL statements, directives and properties and produces:
    1. All the database code as a single stored procedure, to be run to produce JSON output.
    2. a Moustache Template(Hogan) containing all the client side code to be filled with the JSON. When the two are combined in the browser.
  • The server node.js does very little other than pass JSON between the server and client.
  • All the business logic remains in the database server.
  • You have full control of the client side look, feel and behaviour, the default framework and theme is just to give you a quick start.

Super fast Development:

  • Write web applications with little more than a few SQL statements
  • DRY (don't repeat yourself), Inheritance, Auto-Menus and more further reduces development time.
  • Drop-in and plug-in modules allow easy use and customisation of common application functionality.
  • Quick start with Platform + Framework + Themes + Modules + Demo's
  • Build easily reusable custom widgets from complex HTML/JS/JQ
  • Consistently customise the look and feel of your application widgets.
  • Automatic hot code push during development (no reloading of pages with F5)
  • i18n support and tools
  • Security implied by design rather than explicit configuration.

Super fast Runtime:

  • All database queries are amalgamated into a single database stored procedure call.
  • the JSON from the database is retrieved in one BLOB (Less chatter to the DB).
  • Almost no middle-ware processing.
  • Exchange only JSON data elements across the wire.
  • Build with Nodejs, SocketStream and Hogan templates to produce Single Page Applications.
  • Cache client side code automatically, and update automatically when the server side changes.
  • The page loads full visible content on first load - no partial view like waiting for multiple Ajax /ReST calls.
  • Lazy loading of application client code while the user keys in his login information( if not cached already).
  • Partial div(Divout) / records load/reload on Navigating / Saving or refreshing content.
  • Lazy loading of obscured views or obscured rows in large data sets
  • Client side caching of large datasets in reusable/relocatable chunks
  • Subscribe to events to do partial refreshes when changes are posted to database objects by other users.

Other features

  • Windows installer and development environment with JIT compiler and notepad++ with syntax highlighting.
  • Database drivers available for Firebird SQL, support planned for : MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, NuoDB.
  • Planned support for JavaScript stored procedure engine, to enable no-sql, sqlite and off-line applications.


QualeQuest/SQL-MVC is a Dual-licensed, either under the AGPL 3 license, or for a fee, you can license under a commercial-friendly license, which lets you embed, modify, and redistribute QualeQuest/SQL-MVC with your commercial application, without having to open source your application.


Paradigm inversion - write web applications in SQL instead of JavaScript or other.



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