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Add instructions ObjectiveGit linking with desktop applications

Also linked with an example of how this has been done.
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+## Inclusion in Mac OS X projects
+It is simple enough to add the ObjectiveGit framework to a desktop application project. An example of this is the [CommitViewer] example on GitHub. In summary:
+1. Drag the ObjectiveGit.xcodeproj file into the project navigator
+2. Add the ObjectiveGit framework as a target dependency of your application
+3. Link your application with teh ObjectiveGit framework.
+4. Add a new Copy Files build phase, set the destination to Frameworks and and the ObjectiveGit framework to that - this will package the framework with your application as an embedded private framework.
+5. Don't forget to `#import <ObjectiveGit/ObjectiveGit.h>` as you would with any other framework.
## Inclusion in iOS projects
Inclusion of Objective Git in iOS projects is somewhat cumbersome on account of iOS

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