Sublime Text 3 plugin for Meteor Reval
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Meteor Reval - Instant Reloading with Sublime & Meteor

This plugin is for use in combination with Reval to allow for instant reloads with Meteor.

Meteor Setup

  1. Install the Atmosphere package meteor add qualia:reval

Sublime Global Setup

  1. Install Sublime Package Manager
  2. Type "command + P" then type "Install Package" into prompt
  3. Type "Meteor Reval"
  4. Configure User Settings in Preferences -> Package Settings -> Meteor Reval

Sublime Per-Project Setup

You can specify settings in your .sublime-project file to modify the host name for each project using reval

  • Add a block in your .sublime-project with overrides for the project like
"settings": {
  "meteor_reval": {
    "reload_on_modified" : true,
    "hostname": "some.hostname",
    "required_path": "\\\\Special\\Path",
    "path": "\\\\Full\\Path\\To\\App",

How to Develop

  1. Download zip file of this repo
  2. Extract to your Packages/MeteorReval
  3. Remove any existing version installed from package control
  4. Reload Sublime. Sublime will now use the local package in Packages/
  5. Make modifications locally to

Package Folder Location

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3