The terraform-infra-dev image integrates tools supporting a robust infrastructure dev process.
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terraform-infra-dev provides a docker image for suitable for developing high-quality terraform modules using a collection of utilities.


High Quality Terraform Builds

terraform-infra-dev provides several tools for creating a high-quality infrastructura delivery lifecycle (IDLC) based-on terraform.


Linting of Terraform Code is available via tflint


Terraform modules are testing using the Kitchen-Terraform test framework. This framework provides a custom driver, provisioner, and verify for Test Kitchen that integrations Terraform into the test flow. Specs are written using the InSpec framework along with the AWSpec library. Additionally, a small utility library, terraform-utils, is added to the runtime container and provides methods for loading and parsing the Terraform state file. This is used to retrieve the physical IDs of resources to be used with AWSpec.

Terraform, kitchen, ruby, terraform-kitchen, awspec, and terraform-utils are installed together into this container image.

Overriding Git clone URLs

Some modules may be configured to clone nested modules using the ssh protocol.

module "base" {
  source = "git::ssh://"

Some modules may use a nested module source that refers to a private GitHub repository. To support this, the build processes relies on your GitHub credentials being located in your ~/.netrc file. This file should be volume mounted into the terrraform-infra-dev container to make them available for the test process. The terraform-infra-dev container is configured to have Git automatically override any ssh clone URLs to use HTTPS instead.

git config --global url."".insteadOf "ssh://"

The ~/.netrc file is then automatically referenced for credentials when cloning over HTTPS.

The contents of the ~/.netrc file look like so:

login <username>
password <password or personal token if MFA is enabled>

NOTE: if MFA is enabled on your GitHub account, then you must create a personal access token and use that as the password in the ~/.netrc file.


terraform-infra-dev is built on top of the great work of: