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This is a repository for EgoWeb 2.0 created and maintained by David P. Kennedy, a researcher at the non-profit RAND Corporation. The repository is also maintained by David Zhang a research programmer at RAND. EgoWeb is a modification of the software EgoNet, which was developed by Chris McCarty at the University of Florida.
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EgoWeb 2.0 is an ongoing project by researchers at non-profit research organizations and Universities. EgoWeb 2.0 facilitates social network data collection and processing of personal networks, whole networks, and cognitive networks. EgoWeb has basic analysis procedures and can produce data output files for analysis in other programs.

EgoWeb 2.0 can be run on a webserver or installed on Windows and Mac machines. If run from a webserver, data can be collected by interviewers or by respondents themselves. Respondents can be sent links to unique surveys associated with their email addresses. Interviewers can also collect data in the field without a live internet connection with iPads and android tablets; the data are stored locally temporarily and then synced with a web server / removed from the tablet. EgoWeb 2.0 can also be installed on Windows and Mac machines and be used without any webserver connection at all.

Refer to the EgoWeb 2.0 wiki available at for more information about the history of EgoWeb 2.0, installation instructions, and a user guide. Please report any issues with installation or use of EgoWeb 2.0 on the EgoWeb 2.0 discussion forum: (preferred method) or here in this repository as issues or by adding messages to the wiki. The forum is open to create accounts and post messages on any topic related to EgoWeb 2.0 or social network data collection methods in general. The wiki site allows you to create accounts and contribute to the documentation of this open source project.

How to cite EgoWeb:

EgoWeb 2.0, computer software,

EgoWeb 2.0 code is provided on an "as is" basis and the user assumes responsibility for its use. This code has not been peer-reviewed or otherwise evaluated beyond the development team, and is made available here without guarantee. EgoWeb 2.0 developers are not responsible for errors and is not committed to maintenance, updates or support.

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