JavaScript (Node.js) implementation of the real-time protocol for Qualisys Track Manager
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Real-time api for QTM

This is a javascript implementation of the real-time protocol used by Qualisys Track Manager (QTM).

It is used to stream data from a computer running QTM. The real-time api can also be used to start and stop measurements, setting events and more.


  1. npm install qualisys-rt


var Api = require('qualisys-rt').Api;

var api = new Api({ debug: true });

// Set up an event handler.
api.on('frame', function(data) {
	console.log('Received frame:'.green);

// Connect to host (defaults to 'localhost')
// and start streaming 3d data.
	.then(function() { return api.streamFrames({ components: ['3D'] }) })

Getting started

There is not much documentation yet so the best way to get started is by examining demo.js, which contains example code for common tasks.

For a reference of what's possible with the real-time protocol, refer to the QTM Real-time Server Protocol Documentation.