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Python implementation of the real-time protocol for Qualisys Track Manager
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Qualisys SDK for Python

The Qualisys SDK for Python implements our RealTime(RT) protocol and works with Python 3.5 and above.


The easiest way to install the qtm package is by using pip:

python -m pip install pip --upgrade # Upgrade to latest pip
python -m pip install qtm

It's also possible to install from github:

python -m pip install git+

Or just clone the repo and copy the qtm folder into you project folder,



See the examples folder.

Missing RT features and limitations

Implementation only uses little endian, should connect to standard port 22223. Version should be at least 1.13.

GetCaptureC3D is not implemented. GetCaptureQTM is not implemented.

No support for selecting analog channel.

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