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This plug-in enables the visualization of the studio configuration based on graphviz.

List of Items Displayed

There are 2 types of graphs:

  • The Data Model: Document Types, Schemas and Facets
  • The Business Rules showing the relations between Automation Chains/Scriptings and Event Handlers


You need to install GraphViz ( in order to generate the graphics.


Assuming maven is correctly setup on your computer go under the qualitified-studioviz folder and run:

mvn clean install

The Nuxeo Package is at qualitified-studioviz-mp/target/ and can be installed on your Nuxeo Server.


Set the variable

About Qualitified

At Qualitified we provide packages on top of nuxeo, in order to bring additional behaviors to the platform. We also do consultings on nuxeo projects by bringing our expertise on multiple levels (Data Models, Business Rules, Workflows, UI based on Polymer etc.) More information at

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