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sliwa commented Feb 2, 2012

Some messages got rewritten. Some typos fixed.
Please review and merge with master.

jqb and others added some commits Oct 18, 2011
@jqb jqb filter view refactorization. Class based view applied. ddcfc1f
@jqb jqb requirement filter class didn't excludes 'project' - fixed 96517a5
@jqb jqb Merge branch 'development' of into devel…
Kuba Janoszek filter table-item checkbox uses checkboxButton now. 06c777a
Kuba Janoszek filter view splited over several files (_filter_table.html & _filter_…
Kuba Janoszek filter tables improvements e341b8a
Kuba Janoszek filter main template changed 922c9a6
Kuba Janoszek Basic chart functionality added. 45eac7c
Kuba Janoszek chart & filter html/css/js code refactorized d36270a
Kuba Janoszek Charts refactoring. dcb2c93
Kuba Janoszek charttype id calculation changed. 84aedda
Kuba Janoszek Building URL params in chart.js for choosing chart type fixed. 02b15e7
Kuba Janoszek Unused viariable removed. 616d4ef
Kuba Janoszek Fixes to charttypes and new chart type added. 173cb0b
Kuba Janoszek Chart generation fixes. b0bc13f
Kuba Janoszek main.js custom chosen consructor fixed 4141ab7
Kuba Janoszek chosen applied to filter views e610aa5
@xando xando character 222f2ff
Kuba Janoszek Chart applied as a separate application in the main view.
UI conception complete.
Kuba Janoszek filter table tools js refactorization 76ff85a
@jqb jqb Merge branch 'development' of into filte…
@xando xando Invalid form handling solved. e5e27b4
Kuba Janoszek chart module added to installed_apps 9497fe2
Kuba Janoszek Filter views fixed (instance per request - as_view method added). 384a20a
Kuba Janoszek type fixes 0ee8947
Kuba Janoszek chart forms: unused forms removed 798838e
@xando xando 'Invalid card number' error connected to ACCT field. 5efe649
Kuba Janoszek chart data creation separated. ee43408
Kuba Janoszek chart.models cleared 5cccb0e
Kuba Janoszek Incorrect template names removed from chart views definitions 4fbd5c6
Kuba Janoszek chart view & url another refactorization 589952d
Kuba Janoszek Saving chart mechanism added. 75b7414
@xando xando Sending new organization request form implemented. 5a23465
Kuba Janoszek Small filter view refactorization. c6da1ae
Kuba Janoszek python flash chart added to requirements b3d4606
Kuba Janoszek chart types bases fixed dcf9f84
Kuba Janoszek Charts refactorized. 5c4c2d7
@xando xando Closes #321. aeb3441
@xando xando Closes #307 9bdd164
@xando xando Payments PayPal error fixed. Problem related to canceling not existing
@xando xando Paypal profile cancellation. 4728689
@xando xando Column strategy_id is not unique error fixed. 383ce40
Kuba Janoszek Small filter view bug fix with "extra_context" d137de9
@xando xando Closes #323. 98e9d8b
@xando xando Not really used any more. 70ca1f9
@xando xando Closes #324. 20b02ff
Kuba Janoszek Filter OnPage 'all' option added. a1f6fec
Kuba Janoszek number of filtered records added in filter view. 2f46a53
Kuba Janoszek New Chart button changed. Delete saved chart button added (appropriat…
…e view added).

Page reload after charts saving charts added..
Kuba Janoszek More OnPageForm options added. de17824
Kuba Janoszek Delete chart button js added. 6ad0bbb
Kuba Janoszek Typo fix. f869e73
Kuba Janoszek ChartQuery model fixes 42aef77
Kuba Janoszek Engine information added to views, forms and templates. b2c3f0b
Kuba Janoszek jQplot chart engine added. aa924f8
Kuba Janoszek Editing chart & chart query improved. 71c306c
Kuba Janoszek Chart delete redirects to main application chart view. d473fae
@xando xando GET method should not be allowed for paypal ipn. a2c8ede
@xando xando Closes #332. 094c847
@xando xando Closes #327 3d73802
Kuba Janoszek Editing filtering in saved chart query added. a17ba80
@xando xando Checking profile status fixed. d6de0c2
@xando xando Quick fix for payment profile creation. 8fe6048
@xando xando Closes #334. 3b11da7
Kuba Janoszek Chart tag added for usage in reports. a6c03ea
@jqb jqb Merge branch 'development' of into filte…
Kuba Janoszek Report external view fixed. Chart response to window resize. 5760dbe
Kuba Janoszek Chart query (project, name) should be unique together. a7ed6c2
Kuba Janoszek Chart in report detail and in external view changed. 758caeb
@xando xando Fix for menu bold-ing. b807a5b
@xando xando Organization creation functionality placed as user available form. d788717
@xando xando Merge branch 'development' of into devel…
Kuba Janoszek New chart name & project unique validation fixed. 04ede9b
@jqb jqb Merge branch 'development' of into devel…
Kuba Janoszek "chart" tag added to buildins tags. 5868e65
Kuba Janoszek New filter for testcases added in charts.
Mechanism for filter per model customizations added.
Kuba Janoszek New chart type has been added to charttypes. a184ed3
Kuba Janoszek chart views, templates & chart.js refactorization 31ba947
Kuba Janoszek Url fixes. ecd49a8
Kuba Janoszek Chart views refactorization. ad5f684
Kuba Janoszek filterable_axis_model method added on chart type definition. 67636f5
Kuba Janoszek Pie chart type added. Works only for passrate chart for now. 1f0a9f2
Kuba Janoszek report & report_external chart apperence bugs fixed be0d585
Kuba Janoszek Chart descriptions added to choosing chart type view. ff9aabb
Kuba Janoszek Filter table columns fixes (no checkbox for filter view in charts).
Checkboxes can be now switched off with Table.show_checkbox = False option.
Kuba Janoszek print statement removed 491735c
Kuba Janoszek Chart types basic descriptions added. 7776450
Kuba Janoszek organization authorization tags fixed 1ad52f7
Kuba Janoszek permissions applied to charts f8b9190
Kuba Janoszek Filter "Search" button renamed to "Filter" 8c1e4b3
Kuba Janoszek Chart axises can be pre-filtered from now. 9e466b4
Kuba Janoszek number_of_requirements_afected_by_bug_chartdata feature suspended since
it doesn't make sense because every bug bind is a separate instance.
Kuba Janoszek Chart description changed. f666f89
Kuba Janoszek /project/<project-name>/chart/data/ url added to LOGIN_EXEMPT_URLS 71265f8
@xando xando Excluded OpenId login for organization without profiles. 5ac9cd9
@xando xando OpenId handling in organization templates fixed. bd61eb3
@xando xando yet another fix c69749f
Kuba Janoszek wrong queryset access bug fix. c57626d
Kuba Janoszek Parent class name added to field label in filters field forms. 13cb932
Kuba Janoszek SaveChartQueryForm bug fix. f291aef
Kuba Janoszek number_of_bugs_related_to_testcases_chartdata chart performace revised. 60c50c2
Kuba Janoszek chart labels formating changed 474e150
Kuba Janoszek passrate chart legend labels changed. bfd56eb
Kuba Janoszek showPointLabels option added to charts feaa732
@mwasilew mwasilew fixed problem with missing second password field in registration temp…
@mwasilew mwasilew changed module names 31bb0a4
@mwasilew mwasilew buttons copied to the top of the templates d7aed91
@mwasilew mwasilew fixed problems with submitting forms from topbar buttons f56a846
@mwasilew mwasilew fixed broken top button in report edit template 79df4ef
@mwasilew mwasilew fixed last topbar button 3f2852a
@sliwa sliwa Some messages got rewritten. Fixed some typos. 7193571
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