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Codeship Status for qualityshepherd/protractor-example

Protractor Example

Herein lies an example Protractor project, that includes tests (some quite silly) that aim to illustrate solutions for common issues when writing e2e tests.

Example Protractor project that:

  • Makes use of page objects
  • Runs tests on Sauce Labs
  • Runs multiple browsers at once
  • Runs tests sharded (parallel)
  • Includes examples tests for both Angular, and non-Angular applications
  • Uses protractor-flake to re-run failed tests
  • is written using es6


  • Install Node (v8.x.x or later)
  • git clone
  • npm i to install the project dependencies

Run tests:

  • run tests via plain Protractor node_modules/.bin/protractor conf.js
  • run tests npm test (runs via flake, which re-runs failed tests)
  • run with flake ./flake conf.js
  • run on saucelabs./flake sauceConf.js (add your username/key)

Or if you're a non-reader, watch the video...


  • run node -v and make sure your node version is 8.x.x or greater
  • webdriver-manager should have updated on install, but if not, run npm run update to be sure
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