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Wrote some very basic docs.

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-Introduction goes here.
+Machinist is a Rails plugin to help populate your database with data for tests.
+You specify a "blueprint" for each of your models, with reasonable defaults for
+the various fields. In your test setup, you use the blueprint to generate data,
+overriding any fields you need set for that particular test.
+This keeps each of your tests together with the data it depends on, but avoids
+cluttering the test with details of all the model fields that aren't relevant
+for that test.
+If you're familiar with ThoughtBot's factory\_girl, this is similar, but has a
+much cleaner syntax.
-Example goes here.
+Create a blueprints.rb file in your test (or spec) directory, and require it
+in your test\_helper.rb (or spec\_helper.rb).
+ Post.blueprint do
+ title "Example Post"
+ body "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"
+ end
+ Comment.blueprint do
+ post
+ author { } # Use the Faker gem to generate a name.
+ body "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"
+ end
+In your tests, you can now do things like:
+ # Create a Post in the database.
+ @post = Post.make
+ # Create a Post with a different title.
+ @post = Post.make(:title => "A Different Title")
+ # Create a Comment and a corresponding Post.
+ @comment = Comment.make
+ # Create a Post with several Comments.
+ @post = Post.make
+ 3.times { Comment.make(:post => @post) }
+ script/plugin install git://
Copyright (c) 2008 Peter Yandell, released under the MIT license

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