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== sproutcore 0.9.12
- SC.ButtonView & SC.MenuItemView now removes and adds the 'active' class name on mouseExited and mouseEntered when the mouse is pressed to provide better indication of whether an action will occur on mouse up. (Thanks schwa23)
- SC.Record#toString now shows record type in description.
- [FIX] SC.Timer now computes the next fire time before it executes your callback action. This should avoid the situation where a timer would call your action, which would then take it past the last time it should fire and hence the last fire would never happen. (Thanks August)
- [FIX] SC.Record#matchCondition() did not behave correctly when comparing record instances. Fix by onitunes includes both a faster comparison method along with correct behavior + kickin' unit tests
- [FIX] some settings on the inline editor for multi-line edits were wrong. Now fixed thanks to maloninc (#38)
== sproutcore 0.9.11
- [FIX] innerFrame tests were failing. Now working.
- Progress bar now shows 100% fill when set to indeterminate. This should
make it easier to style an indeterminate appearance.
- Changed all references for window.location= to window.location.href=.
Improves IE compatibility.
- Cleaned JSLink warnings from animator.js
- Removed stray debugger statements (thanks august!)
- Fixed CSS issues with SC-theme that made buttons appear offset. Now appears
correct in FF3 & Safari (thanks mde!)
- Added detect-browser script which can be included at the top of your page to
detect the current browser and platform. Also includes an
SC.setupBodyClassNames method that you can call after the body tag has been
declared that will add class names for the current browser and platform.
- Added documentation for
- Added documentation for SC.Error.
- Added documentation for SC.SegmentedView
== sproutcore-0.9.10
- SC.Platform.Firefox now returns 2 for any gecko browser that is not Firefox.
- set() and a variety of other methods now returns this instead of the set
value. This makes it possible to do method chaining.
- Fixed typo in (). Fixes #12
- Fixed #11
- Switch from transitional to strict DTD
- Replacement of window.location to window.location.href.
- Added default src to image_view (static_url('blank'))
- Fix for view_helper view that was closing the element.
- sproutcore now treats space as a printable key instead of a function key.
- Added chainability to observer methods; improved docs
set(), beginPropertyChanges(), endPropertyChanges() and a whole slew of other
methods now return this instead of void or the set value. This allows for
method chainings jQuery style such as:
.set('firstName', 'Charles')
.set('lastName', 'Jolley')
- auto select content of textarea when it's focused: this._isFocused is true for textarea while false for text input in didBecomeFirstRespo
- scrollable#scrollViewToVisible now scrolls up and left. This corrects a bug with keyboard control that would bust when you move up or left.
- Updated documentation on form
- Use Element instead of element for IE compatability in Element.setClassName()
- Added SC.View#destroy() to remove views from internal caches. insertBefore, removeChild, etc. also now return the view instance so you can chain them.
- Popup menu was setting the width on each of the child menu items in addition to itself. This had a huge performance impact with little ac
- Disabled the current behavior for the menu item view helper which parses the shortcut before inserting it; now it simply passes the passe
- [FIX] Replaced url() calls with static_url() in CSS so that they will work properly in build mode
- Cleanup in drag.js
- Adding href property to ButtonView for bindable functionality on href attributes.
- Properly order drop targets so that nested targets appear first.
== 0.9.8
* [FIX] collection views now update group views appropriately.
* [IE] offsetParent and viewportOffset() are now IE compliant.
* [IE] innerFrame now returns the correct value for elements without hasLayout.
* [IE] get styleWidth & styleHeight on a view will now return the same value
on all platforms. The IE version would previously include padding and borders
even though it should include only the core width.
* [FIX] Unit tests could fail to execute in IE if they ended in a comment, fixed unittest.js to avoid this problem.
* [FIX] TextFieldView could blank out content when you tabbed out of in.
== SproutCore 0.9.5
* Collection View now supports selectOnMouseDown which can be turned off to provide better drag and drop behavior on SourceList. SC.SourceListView now turns this off by default.
* Requesting a resource that should be available in production mode while
running your server in dev mode will now work. Bundles now build one manifest per language/build_mode combination.
* Initial changes to SampleControls to add a form-view demo. None of the controls are wired up yet.
* Added mongrel as a required dependency of SproutCore. If you have something
like thin installed this is technically not required, but several people were
experiencing trouble installing the gem.
* Lots of Safari-specific features for Photos just to demo some of its capabilities. Client-side storage support is also provided but currently does not save changes you make.
* SC.CollectionView now supports selectAll (Ctrl+A)
* SC.CollectionView now supports the delete key to remove items. Also added delegate methods to the collection view delegate to give you control over how deletions happen.
* SC.window can now properly capture the backspace key in Firefox. To
activate this feature you must declare SC.CAPTURE_BACKSPACE_KEY = YES in your
core.js file. Capturing the backspace key will prevent the browser from going to previous page when the user hits backspace, which can lead to data loss. To capture this key, SC.window will directly set the document.onkeypress handler.
* SC.GridView now supports dropping ON items.
* SC.ListView now supports dropping ON items.
* Removed the try/catch() that was placed around property notifiers. This is not only faster but it will make it easier to debug these exceptions in Firebug and IE.
* [FIX] SC.InlineTextFieldView was using the _frame property even though that
is used by a parent class. Changed to _optframe
* Improved some documentation here and there.
* [FIX] SC.View will recache its frames when isVisibleInWindow changes. This will help to ensure we always have the correct dimensions when bringing views on and offscreen. -- All unit tests now pass again.
* Improves Photos sample to include support for adding/deleting albums and drag and drop into albums.
* Collection View now supports dropping items ON item views as well as between
* Collection Views now support a delegate object that can be used to control
drag and drop and selection behavior. See mixins/collection_view_delegate.js
for a complete description of the new methods.
* SC.ArrayController now supports the useControllersForContent property. If
set to YES, then getting an objectAt() will return a controller for the value
instead of the value itself. This is useful for those times you are using an
array controller to manage a set of objects you want to control. Previously
this feature was always used by array controllers and could not be disabled.
This is now off by default.
* [FIX] SC.ArrayController and SC.ObjectController now will properly observe
their own content, even when the content is set on init.
== SproutCore 0.9.4
* [FIX] Build system now generates index.html files for client bundles, even
if they do not include .rhtml resources.
* [FIX] Typos in the readme docs for the client generator.
* Added automaticOutletFor() that will cause a view to be configured
automatically instead of forcing you to use an outlets array. Useful for when
you are manually constructing your views.
* Initial changes required to eventually implement improved observer
notification system.
* Improved documentation for a variety of classes
* [FIX] Only fixtures ending in ".js" will now be loaded. This allows you to include fixtures named .json or whatever and actually load them via XHR.
== SproutCore 0.9.3
* Basic changes to get IE working. All non-view tests now pass and the doc app and test runner both load and run in IE7. Lots of visual fixes are still required for the sc-theme as well as IE-specific perf optimization and bug fixes.
* [BUG] Default template for both client and template included a stray comma in their core.js file that breaks IE and Safari 2. This is fixed in the templates and in the clients included with the framework, though you will need to make this change manually in your own apps.
* beginInlineEdit() and endInlineEdit() on SC.LabelView were renamed to comply
with the SC.Editable protocol. Use beginEditing() and commitEditing() or
discardEditing() instead.
* Added SC.Editable mixin. This provides a standard protocol for begining
and ending keyboard editing sessions on views. SC.Editable is now used
by SC.LabelView, SC.ListItemView, SC.TextFieldView, and SC.TextareaFieldView.
* Collection view now supports the default behavior to begin editing when you
click on a selected item for a second time. If you hit return it will also
begin editing. To support this, you must set contentValueIsEditable to YES
and implement beginEditing() on your item view.
* Inline editor is now supported in both SC.ListItemView and SC.LabelView.
* Improved inline editor (now renamed SC.InlineTextFieldView for consistancy).
The new editor can be used with basically any view now in addition to just the
label view. It also automatically inherits the font size and style of any
underlying DOM element that you hand it. To work with an inline editor you
will need to implement the InlineEditorDelegate (see documentation).
* Inline editor now displays with a fixed width and grows downward as you type instead of stretching out to the end.
* Added hello world sample app.
* Updated contacts sample app. It is much nicer now.
* Add sproutcore freeze:gems command to freeze latest SproutCore in your local project.
* Updated copyright to 2008.
* Converted all uses of setTimeout() in the framework to use run loop instead.
* Added invokeLater() methods to both SC.Object and Function. These
convenience methods will create a timer to execute a method or function at a
later time. If you need to execute code later, instead of setTimeout,
consider using myObject.invokeLater(0, 'methodName') ;
* New SC.Timer class provides more efficient triggers for timeouts, etc. The
timer class now also has unit tests and really awesome docs.
* [FIX] offsetParent, frame, clippingFrame, and innerFrame would all sometimes
return the wrong values in Firefox because of a bug that returns the wrong
offsetLeft and offsetTop when a parent element has a border.
* Fixed all SC unit tests that were failing (now that I can run them again).
* Test Runner now has a "Rerun Current Test" button that will rerun the
current test.
* Added convenience method $I() (or SC.inspect()) - converts an object to a
hash and then displays its key/value pairs. Useful for debugging.
* Fixed up test templates in generators so that they check for the presence
of main() before trying to fix it up. This was causing errors on new tests when added to frameworks.
* [FIX] invokeWhile() was implemented on real Array objects but not on
SC.Array mixin. This caused the controllers/controller test to fail. Now
* Updated test runner to use new SproutCore.
* [FIX] The JSDoc template will now try to group items based on their full path, rather than just the top-most directory. This means views stored under views/buttons, for example, now appear in the group VIEWS/BUTTONS in the UI.
* Moved the base class for collections, buttons, and fields into their respective folders. This will appear them to appear under the correct location in the Doc viewer.
* [FIX] Grouped views in the source list without a visible header will
overlapping the following group, absorbing their clicks. Now they render
the proper size.
* SC.SliderView provides a horizontal slider. No vertical slider is currently
planned since those controls are so rare. If someone really needs one, please
enhance SC.SliderView to support it!
* slider_view helper creates a slider view + html
* Add example to sample_controls
* Converted docs for drag modules to JSDoc format.
* SourceListGroupViews now automatically collapse their group title if the
group value is null. Items will still be shown; they will just appear to be
"top level"
* JSDocs template was cutting the first sentance from a class description. This is now fixed.
* Updated sc_docs to work with updated SproutCore. Also adopts new look and feel and includes support for live search on all symbols defined in the
library (try it; it's cool - visit: http://localhost:4020/sproutcore/-docs)
* JSDoc template no longer generated highlighted JS source along with ref
docs. This was slowing things down and the output wasn't really that great
* Tweaked JSdoc's Textile support to accept '-' as a bullet characters. Since
jsdoc strips all * at the beginning of lines you could not do bulletted lists
before. Now you can using -.
* Updated design of jsdoc documentation to make it easier to read.
* Renamed buttons-sprite.png to sc-theme-sprite.png. Added
sc-theme-ysprite.png. One is now used to hold all repeat-x and non-repeating
sprites while the other is used for repeat-y sprites only.
* SC.SplitView & SC.SplitDividerView provide support for draggable and
collapsable split views.
* SC.ListView now uses SC.ListItemView as its default example view instead of
SC.LabelView (or the old SC.TextCellView)
* The Source List now provides support for the disclosure triangle. A disclosure is automatically shown if you have grouping enabled and you set the
groupVisibleKey property to anything other an null. The disclosure does not
yet auto-reveal during a drag.
* SC.DisclosureView - Shows a disclosure triangle button.
* [FIX] Left over calls to SC.TextCellView. Replaced with SC.LabelView.
* SC.WorkspaceView is now removed from the framework. It was always intended
for use in Sproutit applications and it is really too specific for such a generic framework.
* SC.LabelView gets a new API! Now in line with other SC.Control based
classes. Set value for the value, content/contentValueKey to display part
of some content.
* You can add view helpers to your own projects just by dropping them into
a lib directory inside your framework or client. If you need to load your
view helpers in a certain order, use the view_helper() method. See the view helpers in SproutCore for an example usage.
* SproutCore view helpers are now stored in the framework itself along with
the JavaScript. This will make it easier to include the latest version of
the SproutCore framework in you app without having to install a new set of
build tools. This should basically eliminate the only frequently changing
part of the build tools.
* SC.SourceList and SC.ListItemView properties now use "content..Key"
convention for naming properties. If you have built code with the old
"content..Property" conventions, you will need to update your code.
* Added hint property to text_area_view helper that is required to display ghost text.
* added new SC.CheckboxView and SC.RadioView for creating simulated checkbox
and radio buttons. These buttons have more functions than their platform
native counterparts including mixed style and full styling support.
* Moved field view subclasses to views/field directory.
* Added SC.Validatable mixin that can be applied to any view to make it work
with validators. SC.FieldView now incorporates this mixin.
* Now if you add initMixin() to a mixin, it will be called automatically
whenever an object that includes the mixin is instantiated. You can use this
to perform any setup necessary for the mixin.
* Renamed SC.Control.contentValueProperty to SC.Control.contentValueKey to
be consistent with the rest of the API.
* Added updateContentWithValueObserver to SC.Control that will relay changes
to the value property back to the content object if you use the default
* Changed SC.Control observers for various states that were once private to
public methods. This way you can override them in your subclasses if you need
to perform some extra processing and you want to make sure you do them in the
right order. You can also just add more observers as well.
* Added JSDoc info for Validators, SC.FieldView, SC.CheckboxFieldView
* Switched some Sc Theme CSS to use sc-button-view classname instead of more
generic a.button or a.regular.
* Added new addClassName, removeClassName, setClassName and hasClassName
methods on SC.View that are 7x faster than prototype's version.
* Integrated SC.Control into SC.ButtonView
* Changed SC.ButtonView.labelText and SC.ButtonView.labelSelector to
SC.ButtonView.title and SC.ButtonView.titleSelector to be more consistant with current naming conventions.
* [FIX] Some doc tags were wrong in SC.ScrollView and others.
* Improved documentations on SC.ImageView.
* SC.ImageView now includes the SC.Control mixin and can accept either a
CSS class name or a URL as its value. This makes it easy to switch an image
from using a sprite to use a custom-generated image and back again.
* SproutCore now includes some shared standard icons that you can use in your
own application, courtesy of IconDrawer (
* Generalized SC.Control's observer so that you can now use it to observe
changes to multiple properties on content. This should capture a very common pattern requires by collection item views. Most control-list SC.Views will
eventually adopt this mixin.
* Added ListItemView which will be used for rendering content in list views
and source list views. ListViewItem can render a name, icon, and optional
unread count.
* Changed displayProperty in SC.CollectionView to contentValueKey to match the new SC.Control pattern.
* SC.Control now has built in support for a value and content property. The value property is typically the value the control displays, while content is an object that you might pull a content value from. You can determine the proeprty of the content object to use as a value by setting the 'contentValueKey'. The contentValueKey can also be provided by the displayDelegate.
* Added SC.DelegateSupport mixin that can be used to support the delegate pattern.
* [FIX] Selection management would throw exception after a drag and drop.
* [FIX] Optimization in fmt() would through an exception if you passed it a
value that did not support toString().
* Moved selection management methods from CollectionController in independent
SC.SelectionSupport mixin. This mixin is now used by both
SC.CollectionController and SC.ArrayController so you can use either one to
manage a selection state. You can also apply this mixin to your own
controllers to manage selection state if you like (though this is not required
to manage selections.)
* Began to separate CSS rules into a core.css and a theme.css. The core.css
styles are generally required by SproutCore and should apply even if you build
your own theme. The theme.css rules apply to the SproutCore theme only and
can be overriden by your own CSS.
* Added SC.SourceListView and sc-theme styles for source lists. Source lists
support grouping if you enable this feature. See the new Collections2 tab in
the SampleControls app for an example source list.
* Added SC.TableView. This feature is in progress. See the new
Collections2 tab in the SampleControls app for an example table view.
* Changed asHTML and asText properties to innerHTML and innerText to match
their DOM equivalents.
* Renamed SC.CollectionItem mixin to SC.Control mixin. SC.Control mixin now
provides some standard functionality for all interactive controls such as
handling selection states, enabled and focus states.
* Removed support for :resize_options property in view helper, since
auto-resizing is no longer supported in SC.View (it never worked right anyway
and was not functionally very usable.)
* innerText property now uses TextNodes, making it about 50% faster than
innerHTML on FireFox.
* Added view helpers for list_view, scroll_view, grid_view, source_list_view,
and table_view. Also refactored collection view helpers into their own file.
* [FIX] CollectionView is now able to render items in groups.
* [FIX] SC.ObjectController: Avoid unwanted commit when oldValue == null && newValue == ''.
== 0.9.0 2008-03-08