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# Cakefile
# batman
# Copyright Shopify, 2011
muffin = require 'muffin'
path = require 'path'
q = require 'q'
glob = require 'glob'
{exec, fork, spawn} = require 'child_process'
option '-w', '--watch', 'continue to watch the files and rebuild them when they change'
option '-c', '--commit', 'operate on the git index instead of the working tree'
option '-d', '--dist', 'compile minified versions of the platform dependent code into lib/dist (build task only)'
option '-m', '--compare', 'compare to git refs (stat task only)'
option '-s', '--coverage', 'run jscoverage during tests and report coverage (test task only)'
pipedExec = do ->
running = false
pipedExec = (args..., callback) ->
if !running
running = true
child = spawn 'node', args
process.on 'exit', exitListener = -> child.kill()
child.stdout.on 'data', (data) -> process.stdout.write data
child.stderr.on 'data', (data) -> process.stderr.write data
child.on 'exit', (code) ->
process.removeListener 'exit', exitListener
running = false
task 'build', 'compile Batman.js and all the tools', (options) ->
files = glob.sync('./src/**/*').concat(glob.sync('./tests/'))
files: files
options: options
'src/batman\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileTree(matches[0], 'lib/batman.js', options)
'src/platform/(.+)\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], "lib/batman.#{matches[1]}.js", options) unless matches[1] == 'node'
'src/extras/(.+)\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], "lib/extras/#{matches[1]}.js", options)
'tests/run\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], 'tests/run.js', options)
invoke 'build:node'
invoke 'build:tools'
if options.dist
invoke 'build:dist'
task 'build:tools', 'compile command line batman tools and build transforms', (options) ->
files: './src/tools/**/*'
options: options
'src/tools/batman\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], "tools/batman", muffin.extend({}, options, {mode: 0o755, hashbang: true}))
'src/tools/(.+)\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], "tools/#{matches[1]}.js", options)
task 'build:node', 'compile node distribution of Batman.js', (options) ->
files: './src/dist/*'
options: options
'src/dist/batman\.node\.coffee' : (matches) -> debugger; muffin.compileTree(matches[0], 'lib/dist/batman.node.js', options)
task 'build:dist', 'compile Batman.js files for distribution', (options) ->
temp = require 'temp'
tmpdir = temp.mkdirSync()
distDir = "lib/dist"
developmentTransform = require('./tools/build/remove_development_transform').removeDevelopment
# Run a task which concats the coffeescript, compiles it, and then minifies it
first = true
files: './src/**/*'
options: options
'src/dist/(.+)\.coffee' : (matches) ->
return if matches[1] == 'batman.node'
destination = "lib/dist/#{matches[1]}.js"
muffin.compileTree(matches[0], destination).then ->
options.transform = developmentTransform
muffin.minifyScript(destination, options).then ->
muffin.notify(destination, "File #{destination} minified.")
task 'doc', 'build the Percolate documentation', (options) ->
files: './docs/**/*'
options: options
'docs/percolate\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], 'docs/percolate.js', options)
'docs/js/' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], 'docs/js/docs.js', options)
'(.+).percolate' : -> true
after: ->
pipedExec 'docs/percolate.js', options, (code) ->
process.exit(code) unless
task 'test', 'compile Batman.js and the tests and run them on the command line', (options) ->
files: glob.sync('./src/**/*.coffee').concat(glob.sync('./tests/**/*.coffee')).concat(glob.sync('./docs/**/*.coffee'))
options: options
'src/dist/batman\.node\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileTree(matches[0], 'lib/dist/batman.node.js', options)
'tests/batman/(.+)_(test|helper).coffee' : (matches) -> true
'docs/percolate\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], 'docs/percolate.js', options)
'tests/' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], 'tests/run.js', options)
after: ->
failFast = (code) ->
if !
process.exit code if code != 0
pipedExec 'tests/run.js', (code) ->
unless process.env['FILTER']?
pipedExec 'docs/percolate.js', '--test-only', (code) ->
task 'test:doc', 'run the percolate test suite', (options) ->
files: glob.sync('./src/**/*.coffee').concat(glob.sync('./tests/batman/.coffee')).concat(glob.sync('./docs/**/*.coffee'))
options: options
'src/dist/batman\.node\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileTree(matches[0], 'lib/dist/batman.node.js', options)
'tests/batman/(.+)_(test|helper).coffee' : (matches) -> true
'docs/percolate\.coffee' : (matches) -> muffin.compileScript(matches[0], 'docs/percolate.js', options)
after: ->
pipedExec 'docs/percolate.js', '--test-only', (code) ->
process.exit(code) unless
task 'stats', 'compile the files and report on their final size', (options) ->
muffin.statFiles(glob.sync('./src/**/*.coffee').concat(glob.sync('./lib/**/*.js')), options)
task 'build:site', (options) ->
temp = require 'temp'
tmpdir = temp.mkdirSync()
filesToCopy = ["docs/css", "docs/img", "docs/js", "docs/batman.html", "examples", "lib"]
.map((f) -> path.join(__dirname, f))
console.warn filesToCopy
console.warn tmpdir
cmd = " #{("mkdir -p #{path.dirname(file.replace __dirname, tmpdir)} && cp -r #{file} #{file.replace __dirname, tmpdir}" for file in filesToCopy).join ' && '}
&& git checkout gh-pages
&& rm -rf docs examples lib
&& cp -r #{tmpdir}/* .
&& git add .
&& git ls-files -d -z | xargs -0 git update-index --remove
&& git commit -m 'Import docs and examples.'
&& git checkout master"
exec cmd, (error, stdout, stderr) ->
console.warn stdout.toString()
console.warn stderr.toString()
throw error if error