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Full documentation of WannierTools is on website

QQ group number : 709225749

Authors and contributors

WannierTools was initialized by QuanSheng Wu (IOP CAS) and Shengnan Zhang (IOP CAS) at IOP CAS Beijing in 2012. Now, it's an open-source software, there are serveral contributors including

  • Changming Yue (SusTech) : symmetrization of Wannier tight-binding Hamiltonian and obtain phonon tight-binding Hamiltonian.
  • Yifei Guan (EPFL CH) : Landau level calculation.
  • Tiantian Zhang (Tokyo Institute of Technology ): LOTO correction in phonon systems.
  • Yi Liu (BNU Beijing) : Ruge-Kutta integration.
  • Jianzhou Zhao (SWUST): QPI in kpath mode.
  • Hanqi Pi (IOP CAS) : Anomalous Nerest Effects.

Pull down the package

The developing branch can be fetched by

git clone

The stable branch can be downloaded in

Brief introductions

We present an open-source software package WannierTools, a software for investigation of novel topological materials. This code works in the tight-binding framework, which can be generated by another software package Wannier90. It can help to classify the topological phase of a given materials by calculating the Wilson loop, and can get the surface state spectrum which is detected by angle resolved photoemission (ARPES) and in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) experiments . It also identifies positions of Weyl/Dirac points and nodal line structures, calculates the Berry phase around a closed momentum loop and Berry curvature in a part of the Brillouin zone(BZ). Besides, WannierTools also can calculate ordinary magnetoresistance for non-magnetic metal and semimetal using Boltzmann transport theory, calculate Landau level spectrum with given magnetic field direction and strength, and get unfolded energy spectrum from a supercell calculation.

License and Citation

WannierTools was released under GPL V3. If you use our code for your research, please cite it properly, like “ The surface spectrums or Berry curvature, Wilson loop, Weyl/Dirac points, Nodal line, Chirality et al. are calculated by the software package WannierTools~\cite{Wu2018}. "

Please use WannierTools instead of "wannier_tools" , "wannier-tools" or WannierTool" when you cite our software.

For the surface state calculation, please also cite {Sancho1985}.

For the Wilson loop calculation, please also cite PhysRevB.84.075119 and PhysRevB.83.035108.

For magnetoresistance calculation, please also cite Magnetoresistance from Fermi surface topology, ShengNan Zhang, QuanSheng Wu, Yi Liu, and Oleg V. Yazyev, Phys. Rev. B 99, 035142 (2019)

For non-magnetic symmetrization processing, please cite "wannhr_symm: A tool for symmetrization of non-magnetic WannierTB,\_tools/tree/master/utility/wannhr_symm/, Changming Yue".

For magnetic symmetrization processing, please cite "wannhr_symm_Mag: A tool for symmetrization of magnetic WannierTB,\_tools/tree/master/utility/wannhr_symm_Mag, Changming Yue".

For phonon system calculation, please cite "PhononTB: a tool to construct tight-binding model for phonon systems,\_tools/tree/master/utility/phonopyTB, Changming Yue".


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