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conda-store logo

Data science environments, for collaboration.

Flexible. Reproducible. Governable.

conda-store provides the familiarity and flexibility of conda environments, without compromising reliability for collaborative settings.

conda-store is built to work for all team members from individual data scientists to administrators, while making sure your team follows best practices throughout the environment life cycle: from initial environment creation, to using environments in a production machine.

Key features

  • Flexiblity:
    • Users can create and update environments with the Graphical UI or a YAML editor.
    • The environments are automatically version-controlled and all versions are readily available.
  • Reproduciblity:
    • User can share environments quickly through the auto-generated artifacts including a lockfile, docker image, YAML file, and tarball.
    • conda-store pins exact versions of all packages and their dependencies in all the auto-generated artifacts.
  • Goverance:
    • Users have access to admin-approved packages and channels for their work, and can request new ones when needed.
    • Admins can insert or require certain packages and versions for organization-level compatibility.
    • Admins can manage users' access-levels using "Namespaces", and allow users to share environments across (and only with) their team.

Get started

Learn more, including how to install, use, and contribute to conda-store in our documentation at

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Code of Conduct

To guarantee a welcoming and friendly community, we require all community members to follow our Code of Conduct.


conda-store is developed under the BSD-3 LICENSED.