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Implement createNonRecursive for HBase. Fixes #21

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commit 67ea26b2c746541118e09aa59524181abb36cf65 1 parent e84089d
Jeremy R. Fishman authored
9 src/java/hadoop-qfs/src/main/java/com/quantcast/qfs/hadoop/
@@ -146,6 +146,15 @@ public FSDataOutputStream create(Path file, FsPermission permission,
replication, bufferSize, overwrite, permission.toShort());
+ public FSDataOutputStream createNonRecursive(Path file,
+ FsPermission permission,
+ boolean overwrite, int bufferSize,
+ short replication, long blockSize,
+ Progressable progress)
+ return qfsImpl.create(makeAbsolute(file).toUri().getPath(),
+ replication, bufferSize, overwrite, permission.toShort());
+ }
public FSDataInputStream open(Path path, int bufferSize) throws IOException {
return, bufferSize);
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