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Quantextive AEX API Client


How to make an API request?

class ApiClient in qtx.py is provisioned to make API requests. In the constructor of the ApiClient class, a dictionary of default headers for all requests can be supplied so that headers need not be supplied with each request.

default_headers = { 'x-api-key' : '<token>' }
client = ApiClient(default_headers)

To make a GET request, ApiClient.get() method is used with following params

  • api_key: API key required for authenticating the requests
  • name: string api name which will be appended to base_url
  • params: dict of url params


from qtx import qtx

api = "market-data-eod"
params = { 
    'securityId': 'NSE:NNFM',
    'startDate': '2017-02-08',
    'endDate': '2017-02-10'
api_key = '<api_token>'

client = qtx.ApiClient()
print client.get(api_key, api, params).data_frame()

The get() method returns a Response object from which below methods can be used to get response data as json or Pandas DataFrame.

  • client.get(api_key, name, queryparams).json() will return response data as json, and
  • client.get(api_key, name, queryparams).data_frame() will return response data as pandas DataFrame
Running the test script
python tests/test.py