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The QuantGov Project

Official QuantGov Projects

This repository is for those who would like to create new datasets using the QuantGov platform. If you would like to find data that has been produced using the QuantGov platform, please visit

This repository contains all official QuantGov projects, with each project stored in its own branch.

The Generic Project

The master branch of this repository is the Generic Project, which runs a single QuantGov corpus through a single QuantGov estimator, and optionally zips the results into a dated zip archive.

Using this Project

To use or modify this project, clone it using git or download the archive from the QuantGov Site and unzip it on your computer.


Using this project the make utility.

If you are using the Anaconda Python distribution (recommended) and you are on windows, use the command conda install --file conda-requirements-windows.txt, to install the make utility.

If you are not using Anaconda, you must ensure that make is install separately.