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Turn Less(er)Wrong links into GreaterWrong links
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A simple Firefox/Chrome extension that redirects LessWrong links to GreaterWrong.

To install:


  • Download the latest release
  • Launch Firefox
  • Hit Ctrl-O and open the downloaded xpi file


Development Setup:

  • Go to the Mozilla Add-ons site
  • Create a new developer account
  • Get an API issuer and a key from the manage API keys UI
  • Set up npm
  • Clone this repo
  • npm install -g web-ext
  • To build a development version of the extension:
    • web-ext build
    • This will create a new directory: web-ext-artifacts, with a zip version of the extension
    • To install the dev version of the add-on:
      • Uninstall lesser2greater, if installed
      • Go to about:debugging#addons
      • Click the Load Temporary Add-on button
      • Load the zip file
  • To build a release version of the extension
    • Run web-ext sign --api-key=$JWT_ISSUER --api-secret=$JWT_SECRET
    • This will create a release version of the extension as an xpi file under web-ext-artifacts
    • Tag a release in Github and upload the release xpi file
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