Analysis of GPX tracks using IgorPro
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Rubitrack Export.scpt


Analysis of GPX tracks using IgorPro

Requires XMLUtiles XOP for Igor, available here.

These functions will load and parse a directory of gpx files. Igor will plot out all the tracks and also allow you to pick an interval to make a movie of tracks in that period. It will export a movie (*.mov with jpeg compression) and a sequence of TIFFs at 4X screen resolution (this is so you can assemble a *.gif version).

Now there are versions for looking at Running and Cycling. The running analysis is tested only on GPX tracks exported from rubitrack and recorded using a Garmin watch. Export was automated using Rubitrack Export.scpt. This is an applescript which runs from the Users Scripts folder and works with card view in rubiTrack 4 Pro. The cycling analysis is quite bespoke (sorry) and requires an external procedure to run properly.



Rubitrack can output a single GPX file with multiple tracks. This can be read into R and then the cumulative time per year calculated using IGOR. To read in the GPX file use GPX2CSV.R