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This is a short guide to translate commands in three different numerical analysis software packages: R, MATLAB and IGOR Pro. Equivalents are given for commands, gathered under a set of headings. This work is mainly by Vidar Bronken Gundersen and Ben Gallarda, see Credits for details.

If you can contribute to this cheat sheet (edits, corrections, more categories etc.), please use GitHub's fork/pull/propose changes facility. The fields with ? need attention.

Note that some commands use IGOR Pro 7 and are not compatible with IGOR Pro 6.3 or lower.

##Table of contents Basics and Terminology | Help | Searching available documentation | Using interactively | Operators | Arithmetic operators | Relational operators | Logical operators | root and logarithm | Round off | Mathematical constants | Missing values | Complex numbers | Trigonometry | Generate random numbers | Vectors | Sequences | Concatenation (vectors) | Repeating | Miss those elements out | Maximum and minimum | Vector multiplication | Matrices | Concatenation (matrices); rbind and cbind | Array creation | Reshape and flatten matrices | Shared data (slicing) | Indexing and accessing elements (Python: slicing) | Assignment | Transpose and inverse | Sum | Sorting | Maximum and minimum | Matrix manipulation | Equivalents to “size” | Matrix- and elementwise- multiplication | Find; conditional indexing | Multi-way arrays | File input and output | Plotting | Basic x-y plots | Axes and titles | Log plots | Filled plots and bar plots | Functions | Polar plots | Histogram plots | 3d data | Contour and image plots | Perspective plots of surfaces over the x-y plane | Scatter (cloud) plots | Save plot to a graphics file | Data analysis | Set membership operators | Statistics | Interpolation and regression | Non-linear methods | Polynomials, root finding | Differential equations | Fourier analysis | Symbolic algebra; calculus | Programming | Loops | Conditionals | Debugging | Working directory and OS | Credits |

Basics and Terminology

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Indexing 1-based 1-based 0-based
Case sEnSiTiVe Yes Yes No
Scalar Variable Scalar Variable
List of numbers Vector Vector 1D Wave
equivalent to column vector
Matrix of numbers Matrix Matrix 2D Wave or Matrix
Higher dimensions Yes Yes Yes
Rows = p
Columns = q
Layers = r
Chunks = s
Variables and
number types
num = Double
Use lubridate
4 integer types
Use datenum
Complex number type
Make/B a or Variable or NVAR
Make/D a or Variable or NVAR
Date/Time Wave
Complex number type
Text chr ? TextWave:
Make/T a or String or SVAR
Mixed-type "matrix" Yes
Data Frame
Generally no
Possible with .id


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Browse help interactively help.start() doc F1
Help > Igor Help Browser
Help on using help help() help help or doc doc DisplayHelpTopic "Help"
Help for a function help(plot) or ?plot help plot Right-click function name "Help for function" or ++F1
Help for a toolbox/library package help help splines or doc splines
Demonstration examples demo() demo File > Example Experiments
Example using a function example(plot) Example using a function

Searching available documentation

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Search help files'plot') lookfor plot F1
Help > Igor Help Browser
Find objects by partial name apropos('plot')
List available packages library() help
Locate functions find(plot) which plot Help > Command Help
List available methods for a function methods(plot)

Using interactively

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Start session Rgui File > New Experiment or
Run code from file source('foo.R') foo(.m) FunctionName()
Command history history() See History Area
Save command history savehistory(file=".Rhistory") diary on [..] diary off CreateHistoryCarbonCopy()
End session q(save='no') exit or quit quit() or +Q


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Help on operator syntax help(Syntax) help - DisplayHelpTopic "Operators" or
DisplayHelpTopic "MatrixOP"

Arithmetic operators

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Assignment; defining a number a<-1; b<-2 a=1; b=2; Variable a=1, b=2
Addition a + b a + b a + b
Subtraction a - b a - b a - b
Multiplication a * b a * b a * b
Division a / b a / b a / b
Power, ab a ^ b a .^ b a ^ b
Remainder a %% b rem(a,b) mod(a,b)
Integer division a %/% b
Factorial, n! factorial(a) factorial(a) factorial(a)

Relational operators

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Equal a == b a == b a == b
Less than a < b a < b a < b
Greater than a > b a > b a > b
Less than or equal a <= b a <= b a <= b
Greater than or equal a >= b a >= b a >= b
Not Equal a != b a ~= b a != b

Logical operators

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Short-circuit logical AND a && b a && b a && b
Short-circuit logical OR `a b`
Element-wise logical AND a & b a & b or and(a,b) a & b
Element-wise logical OR `a b` `a
Logical EXCLUSIVE OR xor(a, b) xor(a, b) %^
Logical NOT !a ~a or not(a) !a
True if any element is nonzero any(a)
True if all elements are nonzero all(a)

root and logarithm

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Square root sqrt(a) sqrt(a) sqrt(a)
Logarithm, base e (natural) log(a) log(a) ln(a)
Logarithm, base 10 log10(a) log10(a) log(a)
Logarithm, base 2 (binary) log2(a) log2(a) log(a) / log(2)
Exponential function exp(a) exp(a) exp(a)

Round off

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Round round(a) round(a) round(a)
Round up ceil(a) ceil(a) ceil(a)
Round down floor(a) floor(a) floor(a)
Round towards zero fix(a) trunc(a)

Mathematical constants

Description R MATLAB IGOR
π = 3.141592 pi pi pi
e = 2.718281 exp(1) exp(1) e

Missing values

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Not a Number NaN NaN
Infinity, ∞ Inf inf

Complex numbers

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Imaginary unit 1i i i
A complex number, 3 + 4i z <- 3+4i z = 3+4i variable/c z = cmplx(3,4)
Absolute value (modulus) abs(3+4i) or Mod(3+4i) abs(z) sqrt(magSqr(z)
Real part Re(3+4i) real(z) real(z)
Imaginary part Im(3+4i) imag(z) imag(z)
Argument Arg(3+4i) arg(z)
Complex conjugate Conj(3+4i) conj(z) conj(z)


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Arctangent, arctan(b/a) atan2(b,a) atan(a,b) atan2(b,a)

Generate random numbers

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Uniform distribution runif(10) rand(1,10) Make/N=10 wave0 = 0.5 + enoise(0.5)
Uniform: Numbers between 2 and 7 runif(10, min=2, max=7) 2+5*rand(1,10) Make/N=10 wave0 = 2+ + abs(enoise(5))
Uniform: 6,6 array matrix(runif(36),6) rand(6) Make/N=(6,6) wave0 = enoise(1)
Normal distribution rnorm(100,0,1) randn(100,1) Make/N=100 wave0 = gnoise(1)


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Row vector, 1 × n-matrix a <- c(2,3,4,5) a=[2 3 4 5]; Make/N=4 a = {2, 3, 4, 5}
Column vector, m × 1-matrix adash <- t(c(2,3,4,5)) adash=[2 3 4 5]'; Make/N=(1,4) adash = {2, 3, 4, 5}


Description R MATLAB IGOR
1,2,3, … ,10 seq(10) or 1:10 1:10 make/N=10 a = p+1
0.0,1.0,2.0, … ,9.0 seq(0,length=10) 0:9 Make/N=10 a = p
1,4,7,10 seq(1,10,by=3) 1:3:10 Make/N=4 a = p*3+1
10,9,8, … ,1 seq(10,1) or 10:1 10:-1:1 make/N=10 a = 10-p
10,7,4,1 seq(from=10,to=1,by=-3) 10:-3:1 Make/N=4 a = 10-(p*3)
Linearly spaced vector of n=7 points seq(1,10,length=7) linspace(1,10,7) Make/N=2 a = {1,10}
Interpolate2/T=1/N=7/Y=a_L a
Reverse rev(a) reverse(a) Reverse a
Set all values to same scalar value a(:) = 3 a = 3

Concatenation (vectors)

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Concatenate two vectors c(a,a) [a a] Concatenate {a,a}, b
c(1:4,a) [1:4 a] Make/N=4 b = 1 + p
Concatenate {b,a}, c


Description R MATLAB IGOR
1 2 3, 1 2 3 rep(a,times=2) [a a] Concatenate/NP {a,a}, b
1 1 1, 2 2 2, 3 3 3 rep(a,each=3) Concatenate {a,a,a},b
MatrixTranspose b
Redimension/N=9 b
1, 2 2, 3 3 3 rep(a,a)

Miss those elements out

Description R MATLAB IGOR
miss the first element a[-1] a(2:end) a[1,*]
miss the tenth element a[-10] a([1:9]) a[0,numpnts(a)-2]
miss 1,4,7, … a[-seq(1,50,3)] a[0,*;3]
last element a(end) a[numpnts(a)-1]
last two elements a(end-1:end) a[numpnts(a)-2,*]

Maximum and minimum

Description R MATLAB IGOR
pairwise max pmax(a,b) max(a,b) max(a,b)
max of all values in two vectors max(a,b) max([a b]) max(wavemax(a),wavemax(b))
v <- max(a) ; i <- which.max(a) [v,i] = max(a) WaveStats a
v = V_max, i = V_maxRowLoc

Vector multiplication

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Multiply two vectors a*a a.*a MatrixOp b = a * a
Vector dot product, u ⋅ v dot(u,v) MatrixOp b = u . v


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Define a matrix rbind(c(2,3),c(4,5))
array(c(2,3,4,5), dim=c(2,2))
a = [2 3;4 5] Make/N=(2,2) a = {{2,4},{3,5}}

Concatenation (matrices); rbind and cbind

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Bind rows rbind(a,b) [a ; b] Concatenate/NP=1 {a,b}, c
Bind columns cbind(a,b) [a , b] Concatenate/NP=0 {a,b}, c
Concatenate matrices into one vector [a(:), b(:)] ?
Bind rows (from vectors) rbind(1:4,1:4) [1:4 ; 1:4] Make/N=(2,4) a = 1 + q
Bind columns (from vectors) cbind(1:4,1:4) [1:4 ; 1:4]' Make/N=(4,2) a = 1 + p

Array creation

Description R MATLAB IGOR
0 filled array matrix(0,3,5) or array(0,c(3,5)) zeros(3,5) Make/N=(3,5) a = 0
1 filled array matrix(1,3,5) or array(1,c(3,5)) ones(3,5) Make/N=(3,5) a = 1
Any number filled array matrix(9,3,5) or array(9,c(3,5)) ones(3,5)*9 Make/N=(3,5) a = 9
Identity matrix diag(1,3) eye(3) Identity matrix
Diagonal diag(c(4,5,6)) diag([4 5 6]) Make/N=(3,3) a = 4+p
MatrixOp b = diagonal(a)
Magic squares; Lo Shu magic(3) ?

Reshape and flatten matrices

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Reshaping (rows first) matrix(1:6,nrow=3,byrow=T) reshape(1:6,3,2)'; Make/N=6 a = 1 + p
Redimension/N=(2,3) a
Reshaping (columns first) matrix(1:6,nrow=2)
reshape(1:6,2,3); As above, then MatrixTranspose a
Flatten to vector (by rows, like comics) as.vector(t(a)) a'(:) WaveTranspose a
Redimension/N=(numpnts(a)) a
Flatten to vector (by columns) as.vector(a) a(:) Redimension/N=(numpnts(a)) a
Flatten upper triangle (by columns) a[row(a) <= col(a)] vech(a) ?

Shared data (slicing)

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Copy of a b = a b = a Duplicate a, b

Indexing and accessing elements (Python: slicing)

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Input is a 3,4 array a <- rbind(c(11, 12, 13, 14),
c(21, 22, 23, 24),
c(31, 32, 33, 34))
a = [ 11 12 13 14 ...
21 22 23 24 ...
31 32 33 34 ]
Make/N=(4,3) a = {{11,12,13,14},{21,22,23,24},{31,32,33,34}}
MatrixTranspose a
Element 2,3 (row,col) a[2,3] a(2,3) a[1][2]
First row a[1,] a(1,:) a[0][]
First column a[,1] a(:,1) a[][0]
Array as indices a([1 3],[1 4]); ?
All, except first row a[-1,] a(2:end,:) a[1,*][]
Last two rows a(end-1:end,:) a[dimsize(a,0)-2,][]
Strides: Every other row a(1:2:end,:) a[0,*;2][]
All, except row,column (2,3) a[-2,-3] ?
Remove one column a[,-2] a(:,[1 3 4]) DeletePoints/M=1 0,1,a


Description R MATLAB IGOR
a[,1] <- 99 a(:,1) = 99 a[][1] = 99
a[,1] <- c(99,98,97) a(:,1) = [99 98 97]' a[][1] = {99,98,97} or a[][1] = 99 - p
Clipping: Replace all elements over 90 a[a>90] <- 90 a(a>90) = 90; a = (a[p][q] > 90) ? 90 : a[p][q]

Transpose and inverse

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Transpose t(a) a' MatrixTranspose a
Non-conjugate transpose a.' or transpose(a) MatrixTranspose/H a
Determinant det(a) det(a) MatrixDet a or MatrixOp b = det(a)
Inverse solve(a) inv(a) MatrixInverse a
Pseudo-inverse ginv(a) pinv(a) MatrixInverse/P a
Norms norm(a) norm(a)
Eigenvalues eigen(a)$values eig(a) MatrixEigenV a
Singular values svd(a)$d svd(a) MatrixSVD a
Cholesky factorization chol(a) MatrixOp chol(a)
Eigenvectors eigen(a)$vectors [v,l] = eig(a) MatrixEigenV a
Rank rank(a) rank(a) MatrixRank(a)


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Sum of each column apply(a,2,sum) sum(a) MatrixOp b = sumCols(a)
Sum of each row apply(a,1,sum) sum(a') MatrixOp b = sumRows(a)
Sum of all elements sum(a) sum(sum(a)) Sum(a)
Cumulative sum (columns) apply(a,2,cumsum) cumsum(a) MatrixOp b = sumCols(a)
Integrate/DIM=1 b


Description R MATLAB IGOR
a <- rbind(c(4,3,2),c(2,8,6),c(1,4,7)) a = [ 4 3 2 ; 2 8 6 ; 1 4 7 ] Make/N=(3,3) a = {{4,2,1},{3,8,4},{2,6,7}}
Flat and sorted t(sort(a)) sort(a(:)) Redimension/N=9 a
Sort a,a
Sort each column apply(a,2,sort) sort(a) SortColumns keywaves={a},sortwaves={a}
Sort each row t(apply(a,1,sort)) sort(a')' SortColumns following MatrixTranspose
Sort rows (by first row) sortrows(a,1) ?
Sort, return indices order(a) MakeIndex a,b ?

Maximum and minimum

Description R MATLAB IGOR
max in each column apply(a,2,max) max(a) MatrixOp b=maxCols(a)
max in each row apply(a,1,max) max(a') MatrixOp b=a^t
MatrixOp c=maxCols(b)
max in array max(a) max(max(a)) MatrixOp b=maxVal(a)
or WaveStats a
return indices, i i <- apply(a,1,which.max) [v i] = max(a) WaveStats a
V_maxRowLoc V_maxColLoc
pairwise max pmax(b,c) max(b,c) max(b,c)
apply(a,2,cummax) cummax(a) max(sum(b),sum(c))

Matrix manipulation

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Flip left-right a[,4:1] fliplr(a) MatrixOp b=reverseRows(a)
Flip up-down a[3:1,] flipud(a) MatrixOp b=reverseCols(a)
Rotate 90 degrees rot90(a) MatrixOp b=a^t
Repeat matrix: [ a a a ; a a a ] kronecker(matrix(1,2,3),a) repmat(a,2,3) Concatenate/NP=1 {a,a,a},b
Concatenate/NP=0 {b,b},c
Triangular, upper a[lower.tri(a)] <- 0 triu(a) ?
Triangular, lower a[upper.tri(a)] <- 0 tril(a) ?

Equivalents to “size”

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Matrix dimensions dim(a) size(a) WaveInfo(a) or see Data Browser
Number of columns ncol(a) size(a,2) or length(a) dimsize(a,1)
Number of elements prod(dim(a)) length(a(:)) numpnts(a)
Number of dimensions ndims(a) WaveDims(a)
Number of bytes used in memory object.size(a) WaveInfo(a) or see Data Browser

Matrix- and elementwise- multiplication

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Elementwise operations a * b a .* b MatrixOp c = a * b
Matrix product (dot product) a %*% b a * b MatrixOp c = a . b
Outer product outer(a,b) or a %o% b b * a MatrixMultiply a,b
Cross product crossprod(a,b) or t(a) %*% b Cross a,b
Kronecker product kronecker(a,b) kron(a,b) MatrixOp c = tensorProduct(a,b)
Matrix division, b ⋅ a−1 a / b MatrixOp c = a / b
Left matrix division, b−1 ⋅ a
(solve linear equations)
solve(a,b) a \ b ?

Find; conditional indexing

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Non-zero elements, indices which(a != 0) find(a) Duplicate a,b b = (a != 0) ? p : NaN
WaveTransform zapnans b
Non-zero elements, array indices which(a != 0, arr.ind=T) [i j] = find(a) Write a loop
Vector of non-zero values ij <- which(a != 0, arr.ind=T); v <- a[ij] [i j v] = find(a) a = (a[p][q] != 0) ? a[p][q] : NaN
Redimension/N=(numpnts(a)) a
WaveTransform a
Condition, indices which(a>5.5) find(a>5.5) Duplicate a,b b = a[p][q] > 5.5 ? p : NaN
WaveTransform zapnans b
Return values ij <- which(a>5.5, arr.ind=T); v <- a[ij] Duplicate a,b b = a[p][q] > 5.5 ? a[p][q] : NaN
WaveTransform zapnans b
Zero out elements above 5.5 a .* (a>5.5) a = (a[p][q] > 5.5) ? 0 : a[p][q]

Multi-way arrays

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Define a 3-way array a = cat(3, [1 2; 1 2],[3 4; 3 4]); Make/N=(2,2,2) a={{{1,1},{2,2}},{{3,3},{4,4}}}
a(1,:,:) Make/N=(1,2,2) b

File input and output

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Reading from a file (2d) f <- read.table("data.txt") f = load('data.txt') Data > Load Waves...
Reading fram a CSV file (2d) f <- read.table(file="data.csv", sep=";") x = dlmread('data.csv', ';') LoadWave/J/M/D/N=wave/O/K=0 "data.csv"
Writing to a file (2d) write(f,file="data.txt") save -ascii data.txt f Save/J/M="\n"/W f as "data.txt"


Basic x-y plots

Description R MATLAB IGOR
1d line plot plot(a, type="l") plot(a) display a
2d scatter plot plot(x[,1],x[,2]) plot(x(:,1),x(:,2),'o') display a vs b
Two graphs in one plot plot(x1,y1, x2,y2) display a, b or display a1 vs b1, a2 vs b2
Overplotting: Add new plots to current plot(x1,y1)
hold on
display a; AppendToGraph b
subplots subplot(211) Add to procedure window
#include <InsertSubwindowInGraph>
Plotting symbols and color plot(x,y,type="b",col="red") plot(x,y,'ro-') Double-click trace on graph

Axes and titles

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Turn on grid lines grid() grid on ModifyGraph grid=1
1:1 aspect ratio plot(c(1:10,10:1), asp=1) axis equal ModifyGraph width={Plan,1,bottom,left}
Set axes manually plot(x,y, xlim=c(0,10), ylim=c(0,5)) axis([ 0 10 0 5 ]) SetAxis left 0,5
SetAxis bottom 0,10
Axis labels and titles plot(1:10, main="title",
xlab="x-axis", ylab="y-axis")
Label left "y-axis"
Label bottom "x-axis"

Log plots

Description R MATLAB IGOR
logarithmic y-axis plot(x,y, log="y") semilogy(a) ModifyGraph log(left)=1
logarithmic x-axis plot(x,y, log="x") semilogx(a) ModifyGraph log(bottom)=1
logarithmic x and y axes plot(x,y, log="xy") loglog(a) ModifyGraph log=1

Filled plots and bar plots

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Filled plot plot(t,s, type="n", xlab="", ylab="")
polygon(t,s, col="lightblue")
polygon(t,c, col="lightgreen")
fill(t,s,'b', t,c,'g') Display a
ModifyGraph mode=7
Stem-and-Leaf plot stem(x[,3]) ?


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Defining functions f <- function(x) sin(x/3) - cos(x/5) f = inline('sin(x/3) - cos(x/5)') Make a = sin(x/3) - cos(x/5
Default wave length is 128
Plot a function for given range plot(f, xlim=c(0,40), type='p') ezplot(f,[0,40])
fplot('sin(x/3) - cos(x/5)',[0,40])
Display a[0,40]

Polar plots

Description R MATLAB IGOR
theta = 0:.001:2*pi;
r = sin(2*theta);
Polar plot See polar.plot polar(theta, rho) #include <New Polar Graphs>
in procedure window

Histogram plots

Description R MATLAB IGOR
hist(rnorm(1000)) hist(randn(1000,1)) Make/O/N=1000 a=gnoise(1)
Make/N=0/O a_Hist
Histogram/B=3 a,a_Hist
Display a_Hist
hist(rnorm(1000), breaks= -4:4) hist(randn(1000,1), -4:4) As above except
Make/N=8/O a_Hist
Histogram/B={-4,1,8} a,a_Hist
seq(0.5,5,0.5)), freq=F)
Concatenate two sub-histograms
plot(apply(a,1,sort),type="l") plot(sort(a)) ?

3d data

Contour and image plots

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Contour plot contour(z) contour(z) Display; AppendMatrixContour z
Filled contour plot filled.contour(x,y,z,
nlevels=7, color=gray.colors)
contourf(z); colormap(gray) Display; AppendMatrixContour z
ModifyContour z fill=1
Plot image data image(z, col=gray.colors(256)) image(z)
newimage z or
display;appendimage z
Direction field vectors quiver() DisplayHelpTopic "ModifyGraph for Traces"

Perspective plots of surfaces over the x-y plane

Description R MATLAB IGOR
f <- function(x,y) x*exp(-x^2-y^2)
n <- seq(-2,2, length=40)
z <- outer(n,n,f)
[x,y] = meshgrid(n,n);
Mesh plot persp(x,y,z,
theta=30, phi=30, expand=0.6,
mesh(z) ImageInterpolate/CMSH voronoi a
AppendToGizmo surface=root:a,name=surface0
ModifyGizmo ModifyObject=surface0,objectType=surface,property={ fillMode,3}
Surface plot persp(x,y,z,
theta=30, phi=30, expand=0.6,
col='lightblue', shade=0.75, ltheta=120,
surf(x,y,z) or surfl(x,y,z) Concatenate {x,y,z},wave3D
AppendToGizmo Scatter=root:wave3d,name=surface0

Scatter (cloud) plots

Description R MATLAB IGOR
3d scatter plot cloud(z~x*y) plot3(x,y,z,'k+') Concatenate {x,y,z},wave3D
AppendToGizmo Scatter=root:wave3d,name=scatter0

Save plot to a graphics file

Description R MATLAB IGOR
PostScript postscript(file="foo.eps")
print -depsc2 foo.eps
SavePict/E=-3 as "foo.eps"
PDF pdf(file='foo.pdf') SavePict/E=-2 as "foo.pdf"
SVG (vector graphics for www) devSVG(file='foo.svg') SavePict/E=-9 as "foo.svg"
PNG (raster graphics) png(filename = "Rplot%03d.png" print -dpng foo.png SavePict/E=-5 as "foo.png"

Data analysis

Set membership operators

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Create sets a <- c(1,2,2,5,2)
b <- c(2,3,4)
a = [ 1 2 2 5 2 ];
b = [ 2 3 4 ];
Create sets
Set unique unique(a) unique(a) FindDuplicates/RN=c a
Set union union(a,b) union(a,b) ? via loop
Set intersection intersect(a,b) intersect(a,b) ? via loop
Set difference setdiff(a,b) setdiff(a,b) ? via loop
Set exclusion setdiff(union(a,b),intersect(a,b)) setxor(a,b) ? via loop
True for set member is.element(2,a) or 2 %in% a ismember(2,a) FindValue/I=2 a


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Average apply(a,2,mean) mean(a) mean(a)
Note:WaveStats a or ImageStats a gives many statistics
Median apply(a,2,median) median(a) median(a) or statsmedian(a)
Standard deviation apply(a,2,sd) std(a) WaveStats a
Variance apply(a,2,var) var(a) Variance(a)
Correlation coefficient cor(x,y) corr(x,y) StatsCorrelation x,y or Correlate x,y
Covariance cov(x,y) cov(x,y) MatrixCorr/COV x,y

Interpolation and regression

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Straight line fit z <- lm(y~x)
z = polyval(polyfit(x,y,1),x)
plot(x,y,'o', x,z ,'-')
CurveFit line b /X=a /D
Linear least squares
y = a__x + b
solve(a,b) a = x\y MatrixLLS a,b
Polynomial fit polyfit(x,y,3) `CurveFit Poly2D 3 a /Ywave=b

Non-linear methods

Polynomials, root finding

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Find zeros of polynomial polyroot(c(1,-1,-1)) roots([1 -1 -1]) Make a={1,-1,-1}
Find a zero near x = 1 f = inline('1/x - (x-1)')
Solve symbolic equations solve('1/x = x-1') ?
Evaluate polynomial polyval([1 2 1 2],1:10) ?

Differential equations

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Discrete difference function and approximate derivative diff(a) ?
Solve differential equations Differentiate a ?

Fourier analysis

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Fast fourier transform fft(a) fft(a) FFT a
Inverse fourier transform fft(a, inverse=TRUE) ifft(a) IFFT a

Symbolic algebra; calculus

Description R MATLAB IGOR
Factorization FUN <- function(x) {
x <- as.integer(x)
div <- seq_len(abs(x))
factors <- div[x %% div == 0L]
factors <- list(neg = -factors, pos = factors)
factor() Only PrimeFactors a


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Script file extension .R .m .ipf
Comment symbol (rest of line) # % //
Import library functions library(RSvgDevice) % must be in MATLABPATH #include "Name"
without .ipf extension.
Must be in User Procedures Folder
Eval string <- "a <- 234"
String a = "234"


Description R MATLAB IGOR
for-statement for(i in 1:5) print(i) for i=1:5; disp(i); end
Multiline for statements for(i in 1:5) {
for i=1:5
print i


Description R MATLAB IGOR
if-statement if (1>0) a <- 100 if 1>0 a=100; end if (1 > 0)
a = 100
if-else-statement if 1>0 a=100; else a=0; end if (1 < 0)
a = 100
a=0 endif
Ternary operator (if?true:false) ifelse(a>0,a,0) a = a[] > 0 ? a[p] : 0


Description R MATLAB IGOR
Most recent evaluated expression .Last.value ans Arrow up
List variables loaded into memory objects() whos or who Data > Data Browser
Clear variable x from memory rm(x) clear x or clear [all] KillVariables or KillStringsorKillWaves
Print print(a) disp(a) Print a

Working directory and OS

Description R MATLAB IGOR
List files in directory list.files() or dir() dir or ls Data > Data Browser
List script files in directory list.files(pattern="\.r$") what Window > Procedure Window
Displays the current working directory getwd() pwd GetDataFolder(0)
Change working directory setwd('foo') cd foo SetDataFolder $expDataFolderName
Invoke a System Command system("notepad") !notepad Execute "command"


  1. The original R-MATLAB cheat sheet was taken from ©2006 Vidar Bronken Gundersen, /
  2. An edited version with added IgorPro commands was made by Ben Gallarda