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Pulsar benchmarking

Benchmark pulsar and other HTTP asynchronous servers.


Docker repository: quantmind/pulsar-bench

Github source: quantmind/pulsar-bench

Getting Started

To run benchmarks you need docker installed. Subsequently execute:

./ -h

This will download the latest image from docker-hub and display information about the possible benchmarks to execute.

To run a benchmark for a given server

./ pulsar

System and benchmarks information

./ --info

Run and save to results folder (important)

./ -J results/benchmarks.json

It is important to save to the results folder because it is mapped to the local drive so you can retrieve the results.

To build a new image

make build

Benchmark outside Docker

To run benchmarks outside docker, follow these instructions:

virtualenv venv
source venb/bin/activate
pip install -r dev/requirements/ci.txt
pip install -r dev/requirements/servers.txt

Then start one of the servers, for example

python benchmarks/servers/

and execute wrk benchmarks

wrk -c 10 -d 30
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