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Arduino Compatible Cross Platform C++ Library Project : For more information see

This project works exactly the same way as an Arduino library. Code should be in the src folder, code in sub folders below the \src folder are also supported.

The \src folder, if it exists, will be added as a compiler -I include path, otherwise the library folder will be a compiler -I include path.

Older Arduino libraries support code in the library folder and private code in the \utility sub folder.

Add this project to any solution that contains an Arduino project and #include <headers.h> in code as you would any normal Arduino library headers. 

To enable intellisense and to support live build discovery outside of the "standard" Arduino library locations, ensure that the library is added as a shared project reference to the master Arduino project. To do this, right click the master project "References" node and then click "Add Reference". A window will open and the library will appear on the "Shared Projects" tab. Click the checkbox next to the library name to add the reference. If this library is moved the shared referencemust be removed and re-added.

VS2017 has a bug, workround: After moving existing source code within a "library or shared project", close and re-open the solution.

Visual Studio will display intellisense for libraries based on the platform/board that has been specified for the currently active "Startup Project" of the current solution.

IMPORTANT: The Library Rules must be followed when adding code or restructing libraries.



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