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Welcome to IBM Quantum Challenge!


Thank you! We have completed this challenge on Oct 14th, 2019.


The Leaderboard shows the scores and standings of contestants who have submitted their code to the final challenge.

First of all, thank you for signing up for the competition! We are excited to see you take interest in this challenge. Before you get started, we have a few important notices to remind you.


If you have not gone through the registration process yet, please make sure to go to the IBM Quantum Challenge Official Website and complete this Registration Form before you get started. You won't be permitted to participate & win prizes without completing the registration!

The challenge period goes on for four weeks from September 16th to October 14th, 2019. The first three weeks will be a series of learning challenges during which anyone who is eligible may register to join the competition. Registration closes when the final challenge starts on October 7th, 2019.

Assuming you are all set, let's get started!


In IBM Quantum Challenge, you will need to code with Qiskit. Qiskit is a Python based opensource framework for working with quantum computers at the level of pulses, circuits, and algorithms. Please see the page for more details.

Qiskit can be installed by using pip:

$ pip install qiskit

Please check out Install Qiskit or watch this YouTube video for a step by step installaion guide.

Challenge Index

The challenge content has been shared with the public on the following dates.

Week Challenge Scheduled Update Date
Week 0 For Beginners: The atoms of computation Sept 16th, 2019
Week 1 Learning Challenge Exercise I Sept 16th, 2019
Week 2 Learning Challenge Exercise II Sept 23rd, 2019
Week 3 Learning Challenge Exercise III Sept 30th, 2019
Week 4 Final Challenge Oct 7th, 2019

Sample Solution

Judges share a sample solution here to the final challenge. Our contestants came up with even more creative and imaginative solutions which was very cool!

Top Team's Submissions

Check out some of the top team's write-ups on how they were able to solve the problem and achieve lower quantum costs here!

IBM Quantum Challengeへようこそ!

当チャレンジへの参加ありがとうございます。 コンテストの参加にあたって、いくつか重要なお知らせがありますので、必ずご確認ください。










IBM Quantum Challengeは2019年9月16日〜10月14日の4週間が開催期間です。最終週の本戦開始までは、ラーニングチャレンジと呼ばれる演習問題を毎週公開します。この期間中はどなたでも途中から参加登録が可能です。10月7日の本戦開始とともに登録の受付を終了いたします。



Quantum Challengeでは、Qiskit を使ってプログラムを作成します。Qiskitは量子コンピューターを使うためのPythonのオープンソース フレームワークです。パルスや回路、アルゴリズムといった様々なレイヤーで活用することができます。Qiskitの詳細はQiskit.orgのページを参照して下さい。

Qiskitは pip を用いてインストールできます。

$ pip install qiskit




ウィーク チャレンジ 更新予定日
Week 0 初心者向け:量子計算の基礎 Sept 16th, 2019
Week 1 ラーニングチャレンジ演習 I Sept 16th, 2019
Week 2 ラーニングチャレンジ演習 II Sept 23rd, 2019
Week 3 ラーニングチャレンジ演習 III Sept 30th, 2019
Week 4 ファイナルチャレンジ(本戦) Oct 7th, 2019
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