SSH AuthorizedKeysCommand proxy: publish your SSH authorized_keys from an existing AuthorizedKeysCommand
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sshauthproxy is a simple tornado-based daemon that exports your SSH keys from an AuthorizedKeysCommand via a simple HTTP-based API.


I am rather fond of sss_ssh_authorizedkeys and managing SSH keys in LDAP. However, I would like to be able to pull SSH keys from an LDAP directory on servers that I do not want to be added to the directory. Now, I can run sshauthproxy on a server in the directory, and pull the keys from any server I want.

While the default AuthorizedKeysCommand is sss_ssh_authorizedkeys, I am sure there are other AuthorizedKeysCommand that would be useful when proxied.


# On the machine publishing the keys (server):
pip install sshauthproxy

# Run the server:
sshauthproxy [--address=<the IP to listen on>] [--port=<port to listen on>]
# To proxy something other than sss_ssh_authorizedkeys, specify --command=<your command>.
# By default, the server binds to and [::]:8888.

# On the machine using the keys (client):
sudo curl -o/usr/local/bin/sshauth-client
echo | sudo tee /etc/sshauth-server

# Now add the following lines to /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the client:
AuthorizedKeysCommand /usr/local/bin/sshauth-client
AuthorizedKeysCommandUser nobody


The API is very simple:

  • GET /: shows usage information.
  • GET /<username>: shows the SSH keys for the given username, if available. Otherwise, it returns 404 with a blank response body.