A microservice template written in go
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A microservice template Build Status gopkg godoc

This projects targets to provide a template for a go based microservice. Things to be adapted are marked with a TODO within this repository.


The following dependencies are needed to use the full capacities of the template:

Building the main service library can be done with a simple make. For verbose builds run make VERBOSE=1. The main command line client can be build with go build main.go within the root directory of the repository.

Common make targets

Make targets used for development are:

  • make: Builds the statically linked microservice into ./deploy/main
  • make doc: Run source and package documentation server and open it in the browser
  • make utest: Run the unit tests
  • make mtest: Run the module tests
  • make itest: Run the integration tests
  • make bench: Run the benchmarks
  • make docker: Build a local docker image as tarball in ./deploy/microservice-template.tar
  • make dockerload: Load the local docker image into the local running docker server
  • make rk: Build a local rkt image as aci in ./deploy/microservice.aci
  • make clean: Cleans the whole working directory


All binaries can be easily installed with: make install, which should install the library and the executable service to your $GOBIN directory. The service executable is the main interface of the service. For more information simply execute service -h or go run main.go -h.


The unit tests within this template should be fully mocked. If you want to run the integration tests the following dependencies needs to be fulfilled.