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Here is some of my (quark_zju's) dotfiles.


I use zsh, gvim, ruby, i3, git ....

You may find these dotfiles useful if you use these tools as well.

Any comments are welcome :p


Feel free to copy and edit these files. updates non-existed or out-dated dotfiles in home. If conflicts (home version is newer and different) are found, nothing will be written but filenames are printed.



  • I use Vundle to manage vim packages. For Vundle to work properly, git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle
  • To install vim packages, start vim then :BundleInstall
  • To enable UltiSnips builtin snippets: cd ~/.vim/ && ln -s bundle/ultisnips/UltiSnips snippets_basic


  • Default UI font is Droid Sans. It contains CJK and Thai characters.
  • Default monospace font is Terminus. If you do not like bitmap fonts, Dejavu Sans Mono and Droid Sans Mono are recommended.


  • is currently the only source. You may want to edit .gemrc.
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