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Quarkus Kafka Quickstart

This project illustrates how you can interact with Apache Kafka using MicroProfile Reactive Messaging.

Kafka cluster

First you need a Kafka cluster. You can follow the instructions from the Apache Kafka web site or run docker-compose up if you have docker installed on your machine.

Start the application

The application can be started using:

mvn compile quarkus:dev

Then, open your browser to http://localhost:8080/prices.html, and you should see a fluctuating price.


In addition to the prices.html page, the application is composed by 3 components:

  • PriceGenerator - a bean generating random price. They are sent to a Kafka topic
  • PriceConverter - on the consuming side, the PriceConverter receives the Kafka message and convert the price. The result is sent to an in-memory stream of data
  • PriceResource - the PriceResource retrieves the in-memory stream of data in which the converted prices are sent and send these prices to the browser using Server-Sent Events.

The interaction with Kafka is managed by MicroProfile Reactive Messaging. The configuration is located in the application configuration.

Running in native

You can compile the application into a native binary using:

mvn clean package -Pnative

and run with:


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